Think you're a Facebook expert? Whether you've been making use of it for years or simply jumped on board, here's exactly how to customize the social network to your requirements.

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SpotifyPremium members in choose industries have the right to now listen to songs and podcasts inside the iOS and Android Facebook app. Spotify Free individuals can likewise tap right into the brand-new function via shuffle mode, through ads. When you or a frifinish share a song to Facebook from the Spotify application, you deserve to press play and listen to it as you proceed scrolling via Facebook.

The Inbox You Don"t Even Know About


If you"ve been a Facebook user for a while, then you more than likely have a folder full of unreview messperiods that you didn"t even recognize existed: the Blog post Requests folder. This is where Facebook sends all the missives from human being you"re not presently friends via. It could be filled through old high school flings getting to out or a bunch ofNigerian spammers. Who knows? Only one method to uncover out!

To evaluation these messeras, navigate to, and click theMessenger icon (the word balloon through the lightning bolt)at the top of your Facebook residence screen. Click See All in Messenger at the bottom to go complete display. Click the three-dot ellipsis menu symbol and choose Post Requests. Then you"ll see all sorts of messperiods from strangers.

There may be an enattempt referred to as See Spam showing those who tried to call you, but who"ve likely been kicked off the business after being reported by others. Delete them via joy.

See All the Friends You Requested


What around all the human being you asked to be your frifinish who ignored or deleted your request? Facebook keeps track of that. Go to for a list of the people who hate you. Or probably they just don"t check Facebook that much. Probably both.

See Who"s Snooping In Your Account


Want to know if someone is logged right into your Facebook account without your permission? Navigate to Settings > Security and Login and also look for Where You"re Logged In. Here, you will certainly discover all your energetic Facebook log-ins from desktop computer or mobile tools, even across apps (like the Facebook app vs. the Messenger app). It will (usually) carry out information on the location, web browser, and also gadget. If something appears fishy, log out from individual devices (click thethree-dot food selection > Log Out) or all devices at as soon as (scroll to the bottom and click Log Out Of All Sessions). This comes in handy if you log in to a friend"s lapheight or a public computer and also forgain to log out.

Add Some Extra Security


It"s a great principle to throw in someadditional layers of securityon your Facebook account. Here are three smart things you have the right to do to protect yourself, which you"ll find underSetups > Security and also Login:

Restrict "Friends" From Seeing Posts


You can regulate who sees your Facebook posts—everyone, friends, friends of friends, or just certain people. If you have "friends" you do not want snooping on all your write-ups, restrict their accessibility. Go to the profile page of the friend you want to restrict. Click theFriendsswitch in gray (three-dot food selection > Friends on mobile), and selectEdit Friends List >Restricted. That frifinish will certainly no longer watch what you article unless it"s a public article. You can examine who"s on this list by going to also clicking Restricted.

Unfollow People Without Unfriending


In theory, all your Facebook friends are actually civilization you like, and also desire to hear from, however that"s not realistic. But it would certainly be rude to defriend your aunt or your chatty high college classmate. Take the straightforward way out and also Unfollow them. Their posts will not appear in your News Feed, yet you"ll still be "friends" as much as Facebook is pertained to. Unfollow from the News Feed by picking the ellipsis and clicking "Unfollow ." They won"t be informed and you can scroll in tranquility. Re-activate your digital friendship later by going to Settings & Privacy > News Feed Precommendations > Reconnect.

Save Posts for Later


Facebook provides it beside difficult to go ago and uncover somepoint that you whizzed previous in the time of a current scroll. Don"t shed that tasty-looking recipe or amazing article; save it for later on. Tap theellipsis menuin the top appropriate of any short article and also selectSave attach or Save to watch later from the drop-down menu. This will sfinish the attach to your Saved folder. Where"s your Saved folder? You actually won"t watch it till you save somepoint. Then a little purple Saved ribbon appears in your left-hand favorites bar on the desktop; tap thehamburger menuon mobile. Saved Posts don"t expire but they might disshow up if the original poster deletes it. If you"re a prolific saver, you deserve to group your conserved items right into Collections to save them organized.

See How Much Time You Spend on Facebook


Are you concerned you spend also much time on Facebook? On the mobile application, you deserve to now view precisely exactly how lengthy you spend on the site each day. Go to thehamburger menu > Setups & Privacy > Your Time on Facebook. The bar chart underSee Timewill certainly display how many type of minutes per day you were on throughout the last week; swipe left to watch Daytime vs. Nighttime usage, and also full variety of visits. UnderManage Your Time, collection a Daily Time Reminder to be notified when you"ve been on the application a details amount of time, and also create a Quiet Setting schedule to mute push notifications.

You can also use the built-iniOS ScreenTime featureunderSettingsto examine your in its entirety social netjob-related consumption, and also set a limit—probably an hour per day on all social media (consisting of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.) Android individuals deserve to tryDigital Wellbeing. There"s no desktop computer identical for, however you can usage theRescueTime extensionto monitor yourself on Facebook and past.

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Download a Copy of All Your Facebooking


Want your own individual copy of whatever you"ve ever common on Facebook—for posterity or to save prior to you delete your account? Every write-up, eincredibly image, every video, eextremely message, and also chat conversation (not to mention all the settings you probablydo not even think about)? Go toSetups > Your Facebook Information> Downpack Your Information. Follow the directions from tbelow to decide what you want to downfill, the moment structure you want, and also the format the information need to arrive in. Select Create File. Depending on how much stuff you have actually conserved on your account, it can take awhile for Facebook to compile it; you"ll get a notice when it"s all set to downpack.

Choose a "Legacy Contact" for After You Croak


Everyone on Facebook will die. Eventually. In anticipation of this unavoidable truth, Facebook allows you name a legacy contactthat will regulate your accountafter you are gone. Your heritage call can compose a pinned article for your profile, respond to new friend researches that come after you have passed, and update your profile and also cover photo (in case your final picture is you in an ironic SpongeBob Halloween costume). They have the right to even downpack your Facebook information, minus any messages you sent/received.