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This is the finish of the ride. (
avenge) composed in
your lipstick, his collar ... Don"t bother, Angel. I know specifically what goes on.When everything you"ll gain is whatever that you"ve wanted, Princess. Well, which would you prefer; my finger top top the trigger, or me confront down, down throughout your floor? Well, just so lengthy as this thing"s loaded. And will you tell all your friends, you"ve obtained your gun to mine head?This all was only wishful thinkin".Let"s walk ... Don"t bother trying to explain, Angel. Ns know specifically what walk on, once you"re on and ... How about I"m external of her window, watchin" him save the details covered? You"re such a sucker because that a sweet talker, yeah. The just thing ns regret, is the I, I never ever let you hold me back.Hoping for the best, simply hoping naught happens. A thousand clever currently unread ~ above clever napkins.I will never ask, if friend don"t ever before tell me. I know you fine enough, to know you never ever loved me. Why can"t i feel anything, native anyone various other than you? And all of this, to be all your fault. I stay jealous. I stay wrecked and also jealous for this, for this an easy reason. I just need to keep you in mind, as something bigger than life.She"ll destroy us all prior to she"s through, and find a method to blame somebody else.
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