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Warning: This entry consists of spoilers about Doki Doki literature Club.


I Gently open the Door refers to jokes about a pivotal scene from Doki Doki literature Club. As result of the sharp tonal transition in the video game which wake up after the line, the line has come to be a meme in ~ the game"s fandom, as civilization joke around players" reactions to the occasions after the line.


The line comes from the intuitive novel date simulator Doki Doki literature Club, exit September 22nd, 2017 top top Steam. In the game, the player is finest friends through his neighbor, Sayori, a somewhat clumsy yet cheerful girl that convinces that to sign up with the literary works club.

Towards the middle of the game, the player access time Sayori, and also she speak him she suffers terribly native depression. After functioning with one of the other girls on putting together materials for a school festival, the player then runs into Sayori again, who confesses her love come him. The following day, the player go to institution to get ready for the festival, only to see Sayori is no there. The player rushes earlier to Sayori"s house and also goes to her room. The visual novel message then reads "I gently open the door…" and before the player can breakthrough the text, the video game jump cut to picture of Sayori hanging from she ceiling, dead through suicide. This clues the end of the first act that the game and is the moment the game becomes much more psychologically disturbing.


The moment of the game came to be a notable part of Twitch streams that the video game after the game"s release. A clip that streamer TobiasFate play the game with the location "I gently open up the door" to be uploaded in October of 2017 (shown below).

By December, YouTubers and members that the /r/DDLC subreddit began making parodies that the line and also moment. Top top December 15th, YouTuber Lewcinda uploaded a clip remixing Back come the Future by having actually Marty McFly pat the music indigenous the moment immediately following "I gently open the door," getting over 1,500 views (shown below, left). Top top the 19th, YouTuber dpetersz uploaded a clip parodying the moment, getting 3,600 see (shown below, right).

Meanwhile, ~ above the /r/DDLC subreddit, civilization parodied the moment with clips of feeling actions following opening a door and also photoshops parodying the moment automatically following the heat "I gently open the door." on December 17th, Redditor Genuien_Jazz<1> uploaded a photoshop featuring JonTron in the moment, acquiring over 510 upvote (shown below, left). Top top December 30th, Redditor thePainesuggestion<2> uploaded a parody that gained over 700 upvotes come /r/animemes (shown below, right).

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