This week’s popular application is Meitu, a Chinese photo-editing application that makes users look extremely kawaii by blowing the end their eyes and airbrushing them come the saturday level the Hell. The app is fun on that own, but I choose it in certain because the has also resurrected one of my favorite to run jokes: “I can be your evil one or angle .”


To listen database recognize Your Meme call it, this amazing item of art, featuring one guy in 2 bathroom selfies, rendered as a devil and an angel, was posted come Cringe Channel in the summer the 2013. (“Cringe,” if you room unfamiliar, involves that net genre of awkward person encounters the make you feeling deeply uncomfortable.) The photo, v its unfortunately trigonometric misspelling, circulated top top Reddit and also Something Awful.

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This, dare I say, art could feel acquainted — it features as a sort of Ur-meme, a predecessor come recently renowned joke constructions like “Get girlfriend a guy who deserve to do both.” Somewhere along the way, the phrase was transmuted come “i deserve to be her angle … or yuor devil.” KYM points to a popular tweet featuring pictures of YouTuber Egoraptor together the culprit.

i can be her angle....or yuor adversary

— happy fluoride drinker (
davdius) January 31, 2016

The thing I can not shake is an odd, unprovable feeling that the “yuor devil” picture is older 보다 2013. It has actually a distinctly “MySpace edgelord” vibe to it, like it’s the sort of picture that would feel appropriate to cover in Blingees and embed right above your top 8. Yet I can not find any mention that it previous three years ago. Odd.

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Anyway, here we are, in 2017, and Meitu v its dastardly filter is help to bring “yuor devil” ago to the fore.

I can be your angle, or yuor devil

— Jon Burkhardt | make of felt and cardboard (
ChaosD1) January 19, 2017

I can be your angle or yuor devil