Hulu is just one of the most well-known streaming platforms for streaming many movies and also series. One annoying concern Hulu users have actually noticed in the app is the error code p-edu125 i m sorry is just an additional of Hulu problems popping up on the screen.

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You will certainly constantly watch a message that says: “This Isn’t consisted of in your present subscription Hulu Error p-edu125”. Primarily, a glitch in your subscription reasons such an error to display.

In this article, we will discuss the factor behind the error password p-edu125 and provide solutions to deal with it so that you can resume her streaming top top the Hulu app.

Why walk the Hulu error P-EDU125 occur?

The p-edu125 error code is largely related to the iOS system, and mainly iPhone, Ipad, and Apple TV users challenge this glitch in the application. 

Such one error come up once you have trouble about your Hulu subscription or payment options. 

Users have actually experienced this trouble as result of outdated payment plans or newly made subscriptions.

Fixing P-EDU125 error on Hulu

We have mentioned the various ways to settle the p-edu125 error top top Hulu:

1. Upgrade your Payment Information

If you have a glitch concerning your payment info or one expired card, then you have to update her payment info by complying with the steps noted below:

Login to her account v your ID and password.Hover your reminder on your profile and click ~ above the account option.Click on the subscription option on the appropriate panel.Click ~ above your wanted payment option.Update your billing info with a new payment option.Press submit, and Hulu will upgrade your payment option.

2. Switch your billing info from a 3rd party come Hulu


If you space using iTunes come pay because that a Hulu subscription, the opportunities are that it may be the reason for the error code p-edu125 come be shown on her screen.

To switch to Hulu for her payment, follow the steps mentioned ahead:

Open iTunes and also log in to her Apple account.Click on her account.Go come the check out my account option.Under the payment information, click Manage payments.Make every the alters necessary to move from a third-party billing to Hulu and also save the changes.

3. Cancel her Hulu Subscription and also Subscribe Again

You may finish up acquiring the Hulu error password p-edu125 at the end of every subscription month, therefore you have the right to cancel the hulu plan and try re-subscribing come Hulu to fix the glitch.

To execute so, examine out the measures we have given for the same:

Login to her Hulu account from the website.Hover over her profile and also go come the Account page.Click on publication subscription native the perform of options.A prompt will appear for friend to monitor to publication your arrangement successfully.

You may be maybe to access Hulu because that a couple of days till your setup comes to an end and also then resubscribe come Hulu again. This will deal with the Hulu error password p-edu125.

To perform so, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go come Hulu’s website and also click top top start free trial.Click ~ above the preferred plan option and enter your payment details.After typing your billing option, click on submit.

Simply authorize in to her device, make transforms to your account, and also you are an excellent to go. 

4. Logout the the Hulu Account on all Devices

If there is part server worry with Hulu, climate there are possibilities that you will be displayed the p-edu125 error password on the display screen every time you shot to present the app’s content.

The best method to settle the difficulty is through logging out of the Hulu account from every devices. After ~ you have done so, log earlier in to check for the problem.

To execute so, follow the given steps ahead:

Open the Hulu app on all her devices.Click on your user icon.Press the log-out option and click confirm.Go come the website and also log in utilizing your ID and password.Click ~ above the Account option and also select regulate devices.Remove every the connected devices and check because that the problem to persist.


Hulu error codes are nothing however a nuisance to resolve when streaming videos and series on a lazy day. They may seem tricky to handle, but every error code has ways to it is in resolved.

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This article talked about the error password p-edu125 and how your subscription glitch may cause the impromptu post to display now and then. We likewise mentioned just how to resolve the Hulu error password p-edu125 for you to gain your relaxing work with tons of content to uncover from.