Did you inspect the binding is IIS? (inetmgr.exe) It may not be registered to expropriate all hostnames ~ above 8080.

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For example, if you collection it up because that mysite.com:8080 and also hit it at localhost:8080, IIS will gain the request however not have a hostname binding to match so it rejects.

Outside the that, friend should inspect the IIS logs (C:inetpublogswmsvc#) top top the server and also see if you room seeing your request. Climate you"ll understand if that is a problem on your client or ~ above the server itself.

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Step 1: add Inbound dominion of windows Firewall


Open the Windows Firewall with advanced Security. At the left panel, right click Inbound Rule > New Rule Rule Type: harbor Protocol and Ports: TCP Specific regional ports: 57976 Action: permit the link Profile: tick all (Domain, Private, Public)Name: Name, Description(optional)Finish.

Step 2: IIS or IIS Express

Add Bindings of IIS Manager


Open the IIS Manager. At the left panel, walk to Sites > Default net Sites.At the best panel, click on the Bindings. Then, the brand-new dialog popular music ups.At the pop-up dialog, click the "Add" buttons. Input the port number and the hostname.For mine case, port = 57976;hostname = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX (my IP address)

Add Bindings of IIS express (Visual Studio)


Stop the existing Site because that Visual Studio 2015, adjust the IIS config under your task folder C:Projects.vsconfigapplicationhost.config‌​.For previous version of visual Studio 2015, adjust the IIS config under IIS express folder C:UsersDocumentsIISExpressconfigapplicationhost.config

In applicationhost.config, find by the port number (for my case is 57976), climate one more binding with your IP resolve


For windows 10 or intuitive Studio 2015 users,you may get the error post below:

Unable to launch the IIS Express net server, failed to it is registered URL, accessibility is deniedSolution:

Close visual Studio Right click Visual Studio > operation asAdministrator

Reference: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/mobile-services-dotnet-backend-how-to-configure-iis-express/