eBay doesn’t require an introduction. The online shopping huge has been about since 1995, and it has regulated to entice 182 million users global so far. The renowned website facilitates sales between consumers, but it also enables businesses to collection up accounts and offer their wares. 

To make shipping easier, eBay introduced eBay Labels.

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This company is supposed to enable sellers to conserve time and money by printing your shipping labels directly from eBay"s website. 

How do eBay Shipping labels Work?

eBay wanted to lull the shipping and handling steps for sellers. Together per your website, using eBay labels is 24% cheaper 보다 retail shipping costs. It enables users come handle every one of their brand from one place, v tracking information automatically uploaded and also sent to the buyer. 

eBay shipping labels work with FedEx and USPS. The USPS services obtainable through eBay brand include:

Domestic services to Street & PO crate Addresses

International Services

Parcel SelectPriority MailMedia MailExpress MailFirst class Package ServicePriority letter Express InternationalPriority mail InternationalFirst-Class parcel International business (FCPIS)First class Mail International

How to usage eBay Labels?

If girlfriend need help with making use of eBay shipping labels for the items friend sold, here’s just how it works:

Log in to my eBay through your credentialsGo to Sold and find the item that needs to it is in shippedClick top top Print Shipping LabelType in the parcel’s weight and dimensions (you deserve to use eBay’s shipping calculator because that assistance)Choose a carrier and your desired methodHit Print Shipping LabelPut the label in a visible location on the package

Labels deserve to be printed out in bulk, and if your printer doesn’t carry out the job properly, you have the right to reprint the label at no extra charge.

In situation you publish out a USPS label however end increase not utilizing it, you deserve to void the label and also get your money back. 

How to acquire the eBay Shipping brand Refund through tastecraftedmcd.com


eBay is a huge platform. Detect your means in the sea of tools and also features the you nothing need have the right to be challenging even for those who are fairly computer-savvy. When you publish out one eBay label, yet for some reason, the revenue doesn’t walk through, you don’t want to let the money go to waste. 

Secure your refund because that the unused USPS shipping brand from eBay through tastecraftedmcd.com and save yourself some time and also money. Our refund an approach was emerged to complement your customer needs v a an easy yet effective process. 

You won’t need to waste your power googling the appropriate procedures to obtain that refund indigenous eBay’s customer service. tastecraftedmcd.com’s individuals can complete this job from our app in simply a couple of moments. You deserve to start making your life less complicated by developing a file on tastecraftedmcd.com’s website in a web browser. When you log in, follow this steps:

Find Chargeback soon on the homepageProvide your financial institution details when promptedAnswer a couple of more questions around the USPS eBay brand purchaseConfirm her identity and also signature to complete your refund request

That’s it—no upset emails and no wait on the call forever. As soon as you send the request, your personal team the AI lawyer bots will handle the refund on her behalf by sending out a dispute letter to your bank and also eBay. In case you have to strengthen your claim, our application can administer relevant Visa and also MasterCard codes and regulations to ensure her success. 

How to gain a Refund for Shipping brand on eBay Using alternative Methods

eBay doesn’t give a plethora of options when it comes to getting your money ago for voided USPS labels. Friend can discover available methods in the table below:

Can you inquiry a refund via

Yes / No










Voided Shipping label Refunds top top eBay’s Website

To void the USPS shipping label and get your money earlier via eBay’s website, you will require to:

Go to My eBay and sign inClick top top Sell in the peak right cornerFind Orders in the Seller hubSelect Shipping LabelsLocate the item that you have to sendHit the Actions column and pick More ActionsSelect VoidState the factor for voiding and, if necessary, kind a post for the buyerConfirm by clicking on Void shipping label

Refunds for Shipping brand on eBay Can get Complicated


Voiding USPS shipping brand on eBay comes through a strict time constraint. After ~ printing out the USPS label from the eBay brand service, you have just five days to invalidate it and also receive a refund

In theory, it all might sound good and straightforward, but in reality, multiple eBay individuals reported troubles with requesting refunds because that voided USPS labels. One seller on eBay digital community’s website reported the the only way to get a refund is by call eBay customer support before voiding the label online. 

If you do it before calling the support, you might get command to USPS reps that will tell friend to contact eBay, and you will acquire stuck in a never-ending customer support loop without seeing your money ever before again. 

To protect against going with such hell, pat smart, and request your refund v the tastecraftedmcd.com app.

How lengthy Does one eBay Void Shipping label Refund Take?

According to the eBay brand page, refunds for void shipping labels space processed back to the seller’s PayPal account in ~ 21 days. Over there is no cite of other develops of payment or refund possibilities other than for PayPal.

With tastecraftedmcd.com, You can Fight bureaucracy the easy Way


Getting a refund because that void USPS shipping brand from eBay is simply one the the things that tastecraftedmcd.com have the right to do for you. Our application is a great tool for handling other eBay worries like getting a conventional eBay buyer’s refund, a partial refund, eBay gift map refunds, and also even preventing eBay emails!

If eBay is not the only agency you must fight, don’t worry since our tools work-related with various other businesses. Us can provide help also in instances when companies have actually a no-refund policy. 

tastecraftedmcd.com, as the world’s first robot lawyer, collection customer advocacy as the top priority. This pocket-sized superhero of customer rights handles much more than refunds and also chargebacks. 

Our app can aid lower her bills, prevent annoying spam emails, hit cyberstalking, or administer counsel in situations of landlord harassment or sexual harassment.

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Do you desire to reap a totally free trial there is no worrying about charges to your financial institution account once the attempt expires? use our digital credit cards! If you want to get rid of unnecessary monthly prices for miscellaneous services and entertainment platforms choose Netflix or Spotify, tastecraftedmcd.com have the right to cancel them with no fuss. 

Do you need more? not a problem due to the fact that tastecraftedmcd.com has a vast variety of tools and also features that can make your daily administrative issues disappear in the blink of an eye.