I recently came residence with a shiny PS3 game and also my wife and also I to be so excited to start playing that we didn"t pay attention/didn"t care which account was at this time active. So 2 job later, after 18 hrs playtime, she jumped on she user account and also there was no option to Load, just to begin New.

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I was wondering if anybody knew that a way that I might get the saves between the accounts so the she might play under her name.


I have at this time found the end by experience that a ps3 can have the conserved data on an additional user. I had actually a backup flash drive for my ps3 and also I had actually came home one day and my user to be deleted and also I was wondering why it wouldn"t allow me pack my profile on another user. Therefore I acquired to reasoning if psn conserves your trophies than it should save a record with your user on it. Long story quick just sign right into psn and also ur files should come up, however only if u have a backup.

You can copy tastecraftedmcd.coms saves detect the conserve file, press triangle to access the menu, copy, pick destination account or to online.

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First that all, to carry out this girlfriend will need a speed drive. Plug it into the computer, then format it. Google or bing psnDataSwitcher. As soon as downloaded, drag the psnDataSwitcher folder onto the flash drive. Unplug it, and now your done with the computer.

Next, sign into the account on the PS3 that has the conserves on it. Plug the speed drive right into your PS3. Go to the controller icon, climate click "Saved Data Utility". As soon as you"re in there, press Triangle. Click speed drive, and also place psnDataSwitcher into the saved data utility.


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