I"m going come configure mine joystick using one of the tools argued at exactly how to setup the joypad because that Binding the Isaac? (Xpadder, JoyToKey, QJoyPad, etc.), and also for this reason I great to understand beforehand what space all the secrets used in this game, therefore I deserve to configure them before playing and also won"t have to configure more keys mid-game.

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I know the very first in-game level shows the controls, yet that display is not complete. There room at the very least two an ext keys (Q and P) that room not noted there. This is the factor I"m questioning this question: I want to recognize the finish list of every controls.

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Here room all the keys you need to control the game:

w, a, s, d - move up, left, under or right, respectively.

↑, ←, ↓, → - shooting up, left, down or right, respectively.

Mouse clicks - shooting up, left, under or right.

space - Use existing activated article (such together Lemon Mishap, Teleport!, etc.).

shift, e - location bomb.

q - Use single use item, one of two people a tarot card or a pill.

p, esc - stop the game. Note that once paused, ns resumes when esc supplies to quit.

m - rotate off the music.

f - Toggle fullscreen (only works while paused or in the key menu)

tab - holding will increase the mini-map. Tapping will toggle it"s edge size.

This is all i personally require to regulate the video game properly, though I admit there might be some additional obscure keys I am unaware of.

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