The Netherlight Crucible is a means to combat poor RNG v a little much more RNG while making you stronger. Basically, prior to patch 7.3 if you acquired a Relic through a trait girlfriend didn’t like, you’d litter it away. Now, if you get that Relic, you have actually a opportunity to add a better trait to it, do it not as useless. The Netherlight Crucible doesn’t replace traits, it simply adds another one come it, together with Light and also Void characteristics to aid you through damage and also healing.

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To open up up the Netherlight Crucible, you need to finish the Argus story v the last chapter right before you gain sent to the new dungeon, chair of the Triumvirate. The quest sends you to complete infusing the Netherlight Crucible and also you obtain an achievement. Then you can gain started upgrading your Artifact Weapon. Once you have actually completed this chain on one character, the Crucible will certainly be unlocked because that all characters on your account.

When you very first unlock the Netherlight Crucible, you have actually “Tier 1” available immediately for all your current relics and also any relics friend swap out. This method you can include 5 item level to every relic, because that a complete of 15 item levels on your Artifact Weapon. The additional tiers are opened up up v the Concordance Artifact Traits, v a new tier every 3 traits.


Netherlight Crucible Tiers

Tier 2: selection between a random Netherlight Crucible Void or light trait that helps her DPS or healingTier 3: choice between 3 random Artifact characteristics for her weapon


Tier Unlocks

Tier 1 (5 ilvls every Relic): instantly openTier 2 (Netherlight Crucible traits)First relic Tier 2 choices: unlocked through 60 Artifact traitsSecond relic Tier 2 choices: unlocked v 63 Artifact traitsThird relic Tier 2 choices: unlocked with 66 Artifact traitsTier 3 (Additional Artifact traits)First relic Tier 3 choices: unlocked through 69 Artifact traitsSecond relic Tier 3 choices: unlocked through 72 Artifact traitsThird relic Tier 3 choices: unlocked v 75 Artifact traits

If you only key one spec, you have actually it an easy as far as unlocking all the traits. Just keep pump Artifact Power right into your weapon until you hit 75 traits. After that you can move on to off-specs if girlfriend so desire, or just keep placing it into your key spec. Because that those who juggle lot of specs, you may need to swap in between them, or emphasis on one for more power.


Netherlight Crucible Paths

This is where it gets tricky, depending on how lot you want to min/max or optimize her character.

The basic gist of that is that you pick either a Void or light trait, which climate affects what Tier 3 Artifact trait you deserve to choose. The Tier 2 properties were adjusted in a tuning happen the day before the patch, bringing them more in line through each other. Relying on how RNG works out, occasionally you may prioritize Tier 2, and also sometimes you might just choose whatever Tier 2 properties will get you come a preferred Tier 3 trait. The Tier 3 trait options can be any type of trait indigenous Relics, however will never encompass the same trait at this time on that Relic.

There’s no undoing the traits after you select them, for this reason make certain it’s the one you want once you click that button. Once you obtain a brand-new Relic, however, friend get new choices. You can preview what traits new relics will have actually in a preview home window before actually putting it right into your Artifact Weapon. This will bind it come you, though, so girlfriend can’t simply preview it and then trade it come someone else if the doesn’t have actually any good options because that you. Due to the fact that the options are random, two of the very same Relics will give different results.

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DPS great are most likely much more concerned with the preferably damage possible for each trait. They’ll want to look in ~ both Tier 2 and Tier 3 to decide which path is much more lucrative. Healers have actually it easier, because the Tier 2 properties don’t affect playstyle together much. They’ll probably have the ability to just walk in whatever direction your favorite Tier 3 characteristics are. If you desire to know the nitty gritty details and min/max to the ideal of your potential, you’re ideal off simming the characteristics or using resources in the various class Discords. Wowhead also has a detailed guide obtainable for much more detailed information. Otherwise, you’re more than likely fine picking every little thing trait appeals come you, at least until your following relic.

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