I have actually looked thru the FO4.ini and pref records with keep in mind pad however can"t uncover the collection vsync=0

I would choose to shot and transforming the gamings vsync off and using my invidia"s adaptive vsync.

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Thanks because that any aid you could offer.

Location: Colorado USA

iPresentInterval is current in both ini records - Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Prefs.ini

and ns think friend should edit both that them

there is also one more option because that forcing vsync - via enblocal.ini (if you have actually ENBoost installed)

I use Shadow boost but no ENBoost.

Thank you for letting me recognize there are two places for vsync. Ns will collection them both to 0

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OK that did not occupational as expected.

My invidia adaptive vsync walk not manage the FPS at 60 mine monitors FR.

Fraps reported 900 come 350FPS and also during the final loading display screen the video game just stuck over there loading and refused to go any type of farther.

Even ctrl alt del go not get me out. I had actually to pwr off the PC.


So I wanted to report some extr testing. But an initial I more than likely should state why ns am exploring in the very first place.

I am having actually micro stutters and also frame rate drops from 60 to together low together 40 while slow panning utilizing a XBOne regulate pad in the downtown areas no issue the time of work or night through or without a follower.

I very first tried many setup in Shadow an increase with no results on this issue. It was my very first mod the effected the world.

I to be still uncertain if Shadow rise over rides my ingame zero Quality and also Shadow Distance and they are both set to high.

In fact I just used the games default High switch for every ingame setting. * I"ll placed my rig spec"s at the bottom. I should be able to run High.

When I had micro stutters in FO3 ns was may be to solve them utilizing Invidia"s vsync and transforming off the games vsync. Not so through FO4.

The FO4 Invidia driver is not working very well for me. I have actually a 144hz monitor and can run 120hz through vsync adaptive fifty percent refresh rate and sync a game at 60fps not so through FO4 ns get around 40. I have the right to save the game switch ago to 60hz and also vsync on and I obtain 60 fps in the exact same location and time. Plus what ns reported above around Invidia"s vsync not working if I revolve off the gamings vsync.


Other things I"ve tried. Myst"s Optimized vanilla structure (full version), and also SparrowPrinces far Away Area revolutionary LOD.

Not with each other or set up one at a time has this effected mine issue. Indoors or in the woods I operation a rock stable 60FPS with no micro studders or FR drops.

I"m beginning to think I require a very short LOD in town and also long LOD in the woods.

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Comments proposal welcome and thanks if friend made it thru that wall surface of message my thoughts space not an extremely organized right now.

* i7-4820K 3.7GHz, GA X79-UP4 ATX w/UD 5, 16GB DDR3/1866MHz, Zotac GTX780, ASUS VG248QE 24-inch 144Hz,