Buying a motorcycle is definitely a vast investment, for this reason it’s only fitting come make certain that your priceless ride is safe and also secure as soon as transporting it.

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But doing no as easy as it sounds. In fact, you have to take into consideration a lot of things prior to making the move to ensure that there is no room for costly errors.


Cjp24, Kawasaki Ninja top top trailer, CC BY-SA 4.0 – via Wikimedia Commons

A badly tied-down motorcycle deserve to be a tragedy simply waiting come happen. Aside from damaging her ride, it can additionally pose a safety peril to the trailer and also other human being on the road, i m sorry is why it’s very important to discover the basics of tying under a motorcycle on a trailer properly.

Is it feasible to tie down a motorcycle without a chock?

There have actually been separated opinions about tying under a motorcycle ~ above a trailer without utilizing a chock.

Some would say it’s it s okay as long as you tie the bike as securely as possible and if you’re just transporting that on a quick distance.

But tying down a motorcycle without utilizing a wheel chock pipeline the possibility of the former wheel transforming and the whole motorcycle relocating while being transported.

This is particularly true if you’re traveling on a rough road where bumps could make the wheel unstable.

So, if you want to transport your motorcycle as safely as possible, it’s ideal to usage a wheel chock come secure the wheels during your trip.

If friend don’t have actually the spending plan for a steel wheel chock, you can always make one from timber or any type of other sturdy material.

How must you tie down a motorcycle properly?

Aside indigenous a good wheel chock, you additionally need a ratchet strap to secure her motorcycle properly adhering to these steps:

1. put the wheel chock towards the front end of her trailer prior to loading the bike using a ramp. As soon as the motorcycle is top top the trailer, push the prior wheel towards the chock to keep it native moving.

2. begin by pack soft loops about the base of both the left and also right handlebars. Soft loops protect your motorcycle against the hooks of the ratchet straps the could cause scratches. Girlfriend can additionally use soft hooks on her ratchet straps to keep your motorcycle safe.

3. Hook one finish of her ratchet strap on the left and also right handlebars of your motorcycle and also the other end onto a secure suggest in your trailer.

4. Tighten her ratchet straps gently to secure the motorcycle. Make certain that each end is traction tight enough to save the motorcycle stand upright through the aid of the straps.

5. Look for a sturdy area ~ above either side of your motorcycle’s rear end like the framework to secure your ratchet straps. Don’t forget to use soft loops to protect your motorcycle from scratches.

Follow the same technique in attaching and tightening her ratchet straps in ~ the back of her motorcycle. Make certain that you traction the slack from her straps to do them together tight and secure together possible.

6. For additional security and to make certain that her bike’s rear finish doesn’t bounce around during transport, you deserve to do a second tie-down running approximately the anchor suggest on the bed and also around the rear wheel.

This will store the motorcycle from relocating from next to next while she on the road.

7. Once everything is in place, double-check each of the 4 ratchet straps to make sure that every little thing is strictly in place and also nothing became loose on the process of tying under your motorcycle.

It’s also an excellent to perform a test journey on a brief distance just to watch if your motorcycle will remain in place and also nothing will move when the trailer is in motion.

When tying under your motorcycle, be certain to invest in an excellent quality ratchet straps, soft loops, and a wheel chock come keep every little thing in place and protect her motorcycle from any type of damages throughout transport.

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After all, you invested a most money on her ride, for this reason it’s just fitting that you likewise invest in the appropriate tools to store it safe and secure at any time you’re carrying it on a trailer.