It’s typical to match with who on Tinder, and next to their name will be a blue star. What go this blue star mean, and why do only some profiles have it?

The blue star on Tinder way the user super-liked your profile. This means they made decision to prioritize her profile over others by swiping in an increase direction. The blue star method the human being really wants to acquire your attention.

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In this article, we’re walk to display you what super like method and why it’s crucial to your Tinder experience.

Blue Star on Tinder

The blue star means your profile has actually been “super liked” (swiped up) by the human being you just matched with. Once you have actually a blue star alongside your name, they’ve seen sufficient of her profile the they’ve determined to have a bit more fun with it before moving on. They desire to learn much more about you and also want come make certain their profile stands the end over others.


Tinder has created the “super like” to help profiles stand out vs. Various other profiles. Tinder have the right to be a overfilled environment, specifically in famous cities like new York or Philadelphia.

Tinder will give you one super prefer a week come stand out from users you’re attractive to. This way that you’re just able to swipe increase once prior to you must wait to recoup your super like.

The only method to acquire multiple supervisor likes is to purchase them native the Tinder save or purchase Tinder Gold, immediately giving you 5 at sight likes a week.

How perform I acquire Super Likes?

Super likes are component of Tinder’s premium package. Supervisor likes need to be purchase individually, or lock come standard through Tinder yellow & Tinder Platinum.


Purchasing supervisor likes deserve to be done by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner. These are the super favor prices:

PriceSuper Likes

A dialogue box will appear, permitting you to fee super likes to the card you have linked to your Apple or Google profile.


How perform I super Like various other Profiles

To supervisor like various other profiles, you need to swipe up on the person’s profile the you’re viewing. Typically, you would swipe right and left ~ above the various other person’s file to choose or dislike their profile. Users have the right to swipe up v the super choose to send the blue star come the file they liked.


This blue star will appear as a faded gradient on your profile when the other user comes across it. Tinder offers this ethereal hint to users, letting them recognize that they’ve to be super liked by you.

If the various other user swipes ideal on your profile, your profile will have the blue star next to your name and also their name. This is simply a reminder come you (and them) that you super chosen their profile.

How carry out I understand If who Super preferred Me?

If someone super preferred your profile, the bottom fifty percent of your profile will certainly be light blue as soon as their profile shows up in your card stack. This means the other user has actually swiped increase on your profile, indicating they really desire to satisfy you.

If you’ve to be super liked by another user, us recommend swiping ideal on the profile and getting to recognize them. They thought you to be special sufficient to use among the couple of super likes accessible to them.

Swiping increase on who to super favor their profile is an open communication an approach to permit that human know you’re interested in conference them. However, there’s no guarantee that anything will come indigenous the interaction. It just rises your possibilities of gaining swiped on by another user.

There is no means currently to tell if who super preferred you after girlfriend super favored them. Nevertheless of who super favored who, there will always be a blue star beside your name and also the various other person’s name.

If you view the blue star on your profile, you understand that someone has super favored you. ​

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How do I Stop human being From supervisor Liking Me?

Tinder currently has no means of turning off super likes. Even if you acquisition Tinder Gold, you’re able to customize her swiping experience, yet the super likes you receive have the right to not be altered.

If you get too plenty of super likes and also feel uncomfortable, we recommend turning off her “show me top top Tinder” option, i m sorry will remove your profile from the map stack.

This allows you to stay surprise from other users, and also you won’t have to attend to any much more super likes on Tinder.

How deserve to I watch The supervisor Likes I’ve received on Tinder?

Users that super choose your profile will certainly be shown in the match queue with all various other users. There’s nothing different in between people who favor your profile and also people who super like your profile.

The only distinction is the the super preferred your profile through a blue star alongside their name. This is to aid you prioritize that is really right into you and who casually likes your profile.


The blue star on Tinder way someone super chosen your profile. Individuals will super favor your profile to stand out and also show the they have much more than just casual interest in her profile.

If you’ve received a super like, be sure to show that human being extra attention since they desire you much more than various other users ~ above the app.

This feature permits users to was standing out versus other profiles. Tinder gift the most famous dating app globally, it have the right to be hard to stand the end at times.

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Super likes aid profiles run out and also increase your possibilities of being favored by the other profile.