Listen first, when listening is done, recall back to the information you just got and lastly write it down. Read what you have written often.

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When writing notes, don’t worry about being messy. Prioritise keywords over complete sentences.

Don’t feel like you need to write down everything, ideally write down enough to remind your future self what the general picture is. But if something is unfamiliar (a new concept), its good to be more detailed.

Depending on what works best for you, either use one notebook for everything or have one notebook for each subject/area of focus, or write everything on notepads which you can later organise and file.

Use symbols, highlighters, different pen colours to easily categorise content from the same topic. For example, red exclamation point for ‘important’ or blue underline for ‘definition’ or green circle for ‘follow up’.

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First and foremost. Record the lecture.

Get what notes you can during the lecture.

What’s important is listening to the lecture and understand what’s going on.

If I miss something I note the time from my watch and keep going. And then listen back and add some more.

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Hello, Shiningmatcha. I've been interested in this for the past few weeks as well and have looked at a few methods. You should take a look at the Cornell note-taking system. It's been around a long time and is quick to set up. Its organization should help you find information faster and assist in better recall for exams and reports.

Here is a decent source to get you started:

Only takes notes on things you don't know or won't remember.

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Everything is already in your memory.


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