The an initial way to catch screen on a BLU phone call is by using an application called Screenshot. This application is capable of capturing anything ~ above the screen easily. There space two ways to take a screenshot. One is by pressing the “Power + Volume down” buttons at the same time, and also the other one is by tapping the overlay symbol which is because that Android 5.0 and also higher. Aside from acquisition screenshot, this app also provides image editing options. You can crop, add texts, lines and also arrows come the screenshot. In the photo editor, friend can directly upload the screenshot to cost-free cloud space or re-publishing the screenshot via other apps on your phone.

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Follow the steps listed below to learn how to screenshot ~ above BLU phone v this app.

Open it and also tap on the “Start” button on that is starter interface. If you’re to run Android 5.0 or higher, you can enable the “Use overlay icon” choice at the bottom. ~ that, friend will watch a blue camera switch floating top top the screen.To take a screenshot, you simply need to press the “Power + Volume down” buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. If you’re utilizing Android 5.0, simply tap ~ above the overlay symbol to capture a screenshot.Then, the screenshot will certainly be shown in the image editor of this tool. Friend can modify it before saving it.Lastly, tap ~ above the “Done” > “Save” ~ above the peak left to keep the screenshot on your phone. Friend can examine it the end in the Gallery. Alternatively, girlfriend can also choose come upload that or share it by tapping on the corresponsive symbols on the top right.


Tips: If you desire to record a full scrolling webpage screenshot ~ above BLU phone, then this app can also aid you. Simply go to the web page you want to capture with its built-in browser. Then, tap on the blue icon on the bottom right and choose the middle green button. After that, a preview the the complete webpage screenshot will be shown, tap ~ above the “Save” symbol on the optimal right to save it on her phone.


Default way of using Physical vital Combo

Of course, over there is a default method to record screen top top BLU phone. Just press the “Power + Volume down” buttons at the very same time. This means doesn’t call for you to download any kind of extra apps, yet it only captures the full screen and also you won’t have any type of image annotation or instant sharing options.



Alternative means of Using various other Apps

1. Screenshot Capture

This application provides several techniques to take it screenshots: overlay icon, shake, notice tap and an essential combo. Moreover, this app likewise offers straightforward editing tools choose crop, rotate, paint brush, texts, etc. After editing, you can directly share the screenshot via other apps on her phone. Overall, it’s a quite decent tool to screenshot BLU phone.

2. Screenshot Easy

This is another app the you can use come take screenshot on BLU phone. It gives various screenshot modes: push screenshot vital combo, insanity overlay icon, an alert icon, shiver the phone, press the camera hardware button, lengthy click the find hardware button and also many more. However, this application doesn’t administer image editing and enhancing options.

Capture screen on windows BLU Phone

On a Windows-based BLU phone, you have the right to press the “Power + Volume up” buttons simultaneously and also the screenshot will be conserved to the picture app. If you desire to modify the captured image, you have the right to use an application called Fotor. It deserve to crop, change brightness, blur, turn the screenshot and also collage the with other pictures.

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This write-up gives girlfriend an as whole guide on exactly how to screenshot on BLU phone. No matter your phone operation Android or Windows, friend can always find the best method here. It’s worth mentioning that it’s much better to usage Screenshot if you’re running Android, because this app provides anything you need for taking a screenshot, such as functional screenshot modes, image editing, uploading and sharing.