This DIY Pokemon trading card game portable storage idea helps children keep all their cards, coins, and game mats together and neatly arranged.

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My son loves Pokemon cards, and also he has fairly a big collection of them. We have actually tried out multiple storage options, however none of them really stood out as a valuable technique. Until currently. I finally discovered a storage solution that actually keeps Pokemon cards tidy, however still easily available. And the totality thing prices under $15 to pull off. If your kidcarry out has actually a stash of Pokemon cards scattered everywhere his room, this tutorial is for you!

DIY Pokemon Card Device Box Organizer


Playing Deck

If your kidperform actually plays the trading card game through friends, they more than likely have actually one deck that they play for battles. These decks are strategically built and also have to stay together to make gameplay basic. The peak left compartment of the toolbox I obtained from Walmart conveniently holds a whole Pokemon playing deck perfectly!

To acquire them out, just open the compartment’s lid and turn package upside down. (I mention that because the initially point my very own child shelp was “exactly how execute I get it earlier out??”)


The ideal side peak compartment works perfectly for storing coins. Coins are also offered in the time of gameplay, and also they’re the one thing that seem to gain shed the majority of often. Giving them their own little bit residence keeps them all in one area and also less most likely to finish up in random spaces of your residence, like the panattempt and also litter box. (Just my house??)

How To Organize Pokemon Cards In A Binder

Now that the power cards, playing deck, and coins have a residence, it’s time to tackle the actual Pokemon cards. Tright here are a couple of ways you can organize the cards in a binder, so I’ll share all the different options and also then tell you which one works finest for us.

Ways To Categorize Pokemon Cards In A Binder

Energy kind (this is how my son stores his)EvolutionPromotional setsPokedex numberStrength (HP numbers)Alphabetically

Once your child chooses the method for organizing the cards, begin separating on a huge table right into stacks. When all the cards are categorized, add them to slots in trading card binder sleeves and use web page dividers to separate the categories.

If you have actually a LOT of Pokemon cards, it’s much better to produce sepaprice binders for each power form. This makes it much easier to add even more to the repertoire later on without running out of room.

Don’t forget to create a section of sleeves for Trainer cards, too. And slide doubles/triples in behind the first card to save space.

Want More Game Storage Ideas?

In our home, we have a LOT of games. Here’s one of my many popular short articles that teaches you my greatest hack for storing and arranging board games, and discovering which ones are actually gaining played and also which ones are ready to be donated. I even share some fun concepts of locations to donate provided games, and also Goodwill certainly isn’t also on the list.

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