Subnautica: listed below Zero is an open-world survival game initially only playable on PC, however it is accessible now on game stations 4, playstations 5, Xbox One, Xbox collection X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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As is frequently the instance with survive games, brand-new players can frequently be overwhelmed initially, and also with the numerous threats dealing with you, Subnautica: below Zero is no exception.

Finding her Coordinates

Thankfully, recognize your coordinates (which will be essential for determining just how close you room to your existing objective) is a simple affair.

On PC, every you must do is just hit the F1 key. This will open up up a window that has some an extremely useful details that can be supplied to assist you in her underwater explorations, prefer wind direction.

On console, open your PDA through the proper button for your system, and also scroll end to the "other" tab.

For ours purposes, though, look because that the heat that states "world pos". This will certainly be adhered to by a series of numbers, which represent your specific location in the video game world.

It will look something prefer this - people pos: (76.7, -332.0, -911.7)


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tip OF THE ICEBERG - Subnautica: below Zero is a massive game, with plenty of mysteries lying just listed below the surface...

When to usage Coordinates


Using collaborates can it is in an effective way of locating a point of interest. If you space using a guide, this is miscellaneous you will certainly quickly become accustomed to doing.

It can also be provided to allude friends and other football player towards specifically resource-rich sections of the map.

If you room playing on PC and also using console commands, you can likewise use works with to teleport to a particular location.

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