One the the first tools i learned once I first started using Adobe Illustrator was the choice Tool. Straightforward but useful. Adding color, effects, no matter what you’ll execute next, you require to choose the objects first. Selecting multiple objects that you’ll use the same style & effect accelerates your workflow.

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Maybe you’ve currently tried the click and also drag technique with the an option tool, but what if you don’t want to select particular objects in between? The answer is the shift key. What if you want to pick all objects on the same layer? execute you need to click and also select one by one? The price is no. Why no the objects selected as soon as you click the layer? not correct click.

See, depending on different situations, over there are various solutions to pick multiple objects in Adobe Illustrator.

In this tutorial, girlfriend will learn four various ways to pick multiple objects using various tools.

Let’s dive in!

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4 methods to pick Multiple Objects in Adobe IllustratorFAQs

4 means to select Multiple Objects in Adobe Illustrator

There are multiple methods to choose multiple objects in Adobe Illustrator and also the easiest means is utilizing the an option tool. However, relying on different objectives, sometimes other methods can be much more convenient. Pick your favorite method below!

Note: every screenshots are taken native Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 Mac version. Windows or other versions can look different.

Method 1: choice Tool

Choose the Selection Tool (V) native the toolbar, click and drag over the objects you want to select. Because that example, I desire to pick the square, text, and little circle ~ above the left, so i click and drag with the three objects.


You don’t need to gain a perfect-looking path, as long as the objects you desire to pick are in ~ the path selection, you’re all set.

Method 3: Magic Wand Tool

You can use the Magic Wand Tool (Y) to pick multiple objects that room in the very same color, punch weight, hit color, opacity, or blending mode.

Tip: if you don’t check out the Magic Wand tool on the toolbar, girlfriend can uncover it indigenous the Edit Toolbar menu and also drag it to the toolbar.

Simply pick the Magic Wand Tool click on one object, and also it’ll automatically select various other objects that are in the very same style. For example, I desire to choose the shapes in light purple, every I must do is usage the Magic Wand tool to click one that them, and it’ll pick both.

And actually, they space on the very same layer, so friend can likewise click top top the shape layer to choose both.

Method 4: class Panel

You have the right to open the Layers dashboard from the overhead menu Window > Layers. If the objects you want to pick are ~ above the very same layer, you deserve to simply click on the circle alongside the layer name, and also the objects on the layer will certainly be selected.

You can additionally select many objects native multiple class by hold the Command crucial and clicking on the great (circles) that you want to select.

When objects space selected, you’ll check out the highlight summary on the objects and the one on the Layers panel will end up being two circles.

The down part of this an approach is that when you pick the layer, every objects on that layer will certainly be selected, and if that’s not your intention, I would recommend you use various other methods.


See what others are asking around selecting objects in Illustrator. If girlfriend don’t recognize the answers already, you will do it today.

How carry out you pick all objects in Illustrator?

You can use the Selection Tool (V), click and drag v all objects on your artboard to select all. However I think the easiest method to perform it is using keyboard shortcuts Command + A.

How execute you choose multiple great in Adobe Illustrator?

You deserve to hold the Command vital and click on the great to choose multiple layers. If you desire to pick multiple layers from the adhering to sequence, you have the right to hold the Shift key, click on the first and last layers of the sequence and also it will pick all layers in between.

For example, I hosted the Shift vital and click the pen tool, and also shapes layers, the layers in between them space selected together well.

How to deselect in Illustrator?

If you desire to deselect all objects, the easiest way is to click an empty an are on the artboard (with the choice Tool selected). However if you desire to deselect things from many selected objects, host the Shift key and also click ~ above the undesirable object to deselect.

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Final Words

Honestly, indigenous my experience working through graphic architecture for ten years, I mainly use the selection Tool and a couple of keyboard shortcuts to job-related with selections. Yet it’s also great to understand what alternatives you have actually in situation you need it someday.