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10 means to to speak “I nothing Know” in

The adhering to phrases present the English translation, a short explanation, and also useful examples you have the right to imitate in speech. How many of them will certainly you use?

1. No tengo ni idea

English: I have actually no idea

This phrase is similar in both and also English. Usage it once you have no clue around something someone’s questioning you.

Emily, ¿sabes cuál es la comida favorita de Mario?Emily, carry out you understand what Mario’s favorite food is?

La verdad, no tengo ni idea.Honestly, I have actually no idea.

2. Lo volveré a revisar y te aviso

English: I’ll twin check and also let friend know

When you’re not sure around something yet don’t desire to say you don’t recognize directly, this is a good option.

¿A qué hora revenue nuestro vuelo mañana?What time does our flight leave tomorrow?

Lo volveré a revisar y car aviso, pero estoy casi seguro que temprano.I’ll twin check and also let you know, however I’m details it’s beforehand in the morning.


3. No estoy cien por ciento seguro

English: I’m no a hundred percent sure

Use this expression in the same way you would in English come express uncertainty.

James, ¿a qué hora se ve el atardecer aquí?James, what time have the right to we check out the sunset here?

Creo que a las 6:00 pm, pero no estoy cien por ciento seguro.I think in ~ 6:00 pm, but I’m no a hundreds percent sure.

4. Déjame revisarlo y dare aviso

English: let me inspect on that and I’ll let girlfriend know

Another way to speak “I nothing know” in without sounding rude is by informing someone you’ll check it out. This expression is helpful when you understand where to uncover the answer however don’t really have it in mind.

¿Cuál es el itinerario para mañana? ¿Iremos a comer al centro de la ciudad?What’s our itinerary because that tomorrow? are we going to eat downtown?

Déjame revisarlo y te aviso, pero creo que iremos al centro en dos días.Let me check on that and I’ll let girlfriend know, but I think that we’ll go downtown in two days.

5. He estado pensando exactamente lo mismo

English: I’ve to be wondering the exact same thing

A an excellent way of saying “I nothing know” in there is no letting the other person realize that is come say the you’re wonder the very same thing. This will put you 2 on the same level and may also motivate you to look because that the answer.

Creo que Matt se escapó de su casa para ir a la casa de un amigo, ¿sabes algo de eso?I think Matt sneaked the end of his house to walk to a friend’s house, execute you understand anything around it?

De hecho the estado pensando exactamente lo mismo, podríamos preguntarle a su hermana.In truth I’ve to be wondering the very same thing, we can ask his sister.

6. La verdad, no estoy seguro

English: Honestly, I’m no sure

This phrase is super beneficial when friend don’t know the answer and don’t want to try to make something up. The a an extremely practical way of speak “I nothing know” in, without lot detour.

– ¿Sabes qué tan lejos de aquí está la playa?Do you know how far from here the coast is?

La verdad, no estoy seguro. Lo buscaré en Google.Honestly, I’m no sure. I’ll Google it.

7. Quién sabe

English: who knows?

In, this little expression is used more as an affirmation 보다 a question. Usage it once you’re trying to say that you don’t know, and don’t think anyone else does either.

– ¿Crees que llueva hoy en la tarde? El cielo se ve un poco nublado.Do you think it’ll rain in the afternoon? The skies looks a small cloudy.

– Quién sabe. Puede que sí o puede que no.Who knows. It can or could not.

8. Déjame averiguarte

English: permit me find out because that you

This one’s one more polite means of saying you don’t have actually the answer to someone’s question, however that you’d be pleasure to help them discover out.

– ¿Sabes qué hora cierra el supermercado?Do you know at what time walk the supermarket close?

– Déjame averiguarte, creo que tienen el horario en su página web.Let me discover out because that you, ns think they have actually their closing hrs in your website.

9. No the tenido tiempo de pensar en eso todavía

English: i haven’t had actually time to think that through yet

If you merely don’t recognize something due to the fact that you’ve been as well busy to do any type of research, this expression is perfect. The would work with a co-worker who been questioning you if you understand anything about the topic your boss assigned both of you a few days ago, because that example.

– Hey, ¿ya revisaste los resultados de la investigación de mercado?Hey, have actually you already reviewed the results of the market research?

– Perdona, no that tenido tiempo de pensar en eso todavía. The estado algo ocupada con otras cosas.Sorry, ns haven’t had actually time come think that v yet. I’ve been kind of busy with various other things.

10. Eso es exactamente lo que he estado tratando de responder

English: That’s specifically what I’ve to be trying come answer

This is a simple means of saying “I don’t know” in without directly admitting that you nothing know. You have the right to use it once you want the conversation to circulation while you try to discover the answer with the human being who’s asking you.

– ¿Crees que algún día sabremos si hay vida en otros planetas?Do friend think that one day we’ll understand if there ‘s life on other planets?

– Eso es exactamente lo que he estado tratando de responder. Ya veremos.That ‘s exactly what I’ve been seeking come answer. Fine see.

Popular Idioms That average “I don’t Know” in

Now that we’ve viewed some synonyms because that “I don’t know” in, let’s view some examples of typical idioms comprise that expression or expression.

No sé cómo perdieron, me mata.I nothing know how they lost, that beats me.
No sé de qué estás hablando, literalmente no tengo idea.I don’t know what you’re talking about, accurate I have no idea.
No sé ni lo más mínimo de relaciones, nunca the estado en una.I don’t recognize the very first thing about relationships, i have never been in one.
No lo conozco en absoluto.

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I don’t understand him indigenous Adam.
No lo sé, ¿cómo debería hacerlo?I nothing know, exactly how should I?


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