Towelroot was one of the first few methods that root the Samsung Galaxy S5 yet it seems it no much longer functions on the latest version of Android namely Android 6.0 Marshmpermit. This means no more practice ROMs and also root-just fun for your Galaxy S5.

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However before, Chainfire has heard your repursuits and he’s come up via his CF-Auto-Root strategy that’s qualified of rooting the Galaxy S5 even on the a lot of current version of Android. Once you flash the CF-Root file on your tool utilizing Odin, you will certainly have actually root access on your Galaxy S5 running the latest variation of Android.

Root accessibility will certainly let you remove the stock apps from your phone, flash a practice ROM (the procedure listed below flashes a practice recovery as well), flash tradition kernels, and so on.

So, here’s just how to root the Samsung Galaxy S5 utilizing the Chainfire method:

Before You Begin

This can void the warranty of your tool. We won’t be held responsible for anything that happens from doing this tutorial so please continue at your own risk.This procedure must only work-related on Windows as the tool that you’re going to use is Windows just.This should additionally flash a custom recoincredibly referred to as TWRP on your device.This procedure works for a variety of Galaxy S5 variants. Please check the sections listed below to view if yours is extended.

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S5 (All Variants)(CF-Root)


To root the device, you’re going to flash CF-Auto-Root making use of Odin and also once that’s done you’re going to usage Odin when aget to flash a custom recoexceptionally. Here’s how to execute that all:

Downloading Required Files

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 (All Variants)(CF-Root)

Extract documents from Odin and CF-Root over to your desktop computer by right-clicking on each of them one by one and selecting Extract here.Double-click on the Odin executable and also it’ll launch.Click on PDA in the Odin and also choose CF-Root available on your desktop to be flashed on your gadget. Make sure to select the extracted CF-Root file and also not the CF-Root archive itself.Unexamine Repartition in the Odin.Checkmark both Auto Reboot and also F. Recollection Time choices in the Odin.Turn off your device.Turn your device earlier on in download mode by pressing and holding down Volume Dvery own, Home, and also Power butlots together for a few secs.Press Volume Up as soon as motivated and you’ll enter the downpack mode.Plug in your device to your PC making use of a USB cable.Click on Start in the Odin and also it’ll begin flashing CF-Root on your tool.When CF-Root’s flaburned, your tool will immediately reboot.

Congrats, your Samsung Galaxy S5 is now rooted, all many thanks to Chainfire.

Let’s view just how you deserve to flash a practice recoextremely on your device:

Flashing a Custom Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Double-click the Odin executable and also it need to launch.Click on PDA in the Odin and select TWRP Recoincredibly .tar available on your desktop computer. This is what will be flaburned on your tool.Make sure Repartition is unchecked in the Odin.Checknote both Auto Reboot and F. Recollection Time alternatives in the Odin.Power off your tool.Reboot your tool into downfill mode by pressing and also holding dvery own Volume Dvery own, Home, and Power buttons together.Press Volume Up once prompted and you will certainly enter the downfill mode on your device.Plug in your gadget to your PC utilizing a USB cable.Click on Start in the Odin and also it’ll begin flashing TWRP Recoextremely on your tool.Wait for it to flash TWRP on your tool. It shouldn’t take also lengthy to perform that.When TWRP Recovery’s flaburned, your gadget should immediately reboot.

And tright here you go, you’ve successfully flamelted TWRP custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Now that you’re rooted and also have a functioning custom recovery, go ahead and flash a tradition ROM on your gadget using our procedure. We have a number of custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you deserve to inspect those out in our ROMs repository.