Sheet metal of varying sizes, shapes, and specifications is used to produce parts/components for applications across several industrial sectors. However, in order to form sheet metal to the required specifications, the support of several equipment and tools is inevitable. One such tool that is a must-have in all the sheet metal fabrication shops is a slip roller. What are these tools? These compact and user-friendly machines are designed to form sheet metal into curved panels or cylinders. They are built to withstand years of rolling at maximum capacity. In this post, we will discuss the working of slip rollers along with listing a few features.

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How does a Slip Roller Work?

Slip rollers are the user-friendly equipment that helps roll gauge thickness mild steel metal in minimum forming radius of 1ʺ. These versatile and compact rollers can be bench mounted, augmenting their convenience. They are specially manufactured for small rolling applications. Some models of slip rollers also include wire grooves of 1/16″, 1/8″ and 3/16″ for bending solid rod. These easy-to-use rollers are equipped with precision turned, ground, and polished carbon steel rolls, and cast iron side frames, which help ensure precise sheet metal rolling.

How to Use a Slip Roller Effectively?

Follow the below-listed steps to ensure safe and precise rolling without any material damage.

Adjust the tension using the front knobs.Adjust the radius using the back knobs.Place the sheet metal to be formed between the rollers.Rotate the handle gently.The flat sheet metal is now rolled to your specifications.

Yes, the working is as simple as this. Even a beginner can easily learn the functionalities and work with it effortlessly.

Features of Slip Rollers

This sheet metal rolling equipment is largely chosen to make bends, cones, and cylinders from sheet metal, which go in the making of household appliances, industrial equipment, and military/defense heavy duty products, among several others.

The following features add to the tool’s popularity when it comes to sheet metal rolling applications.

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Rugged manufacturing using hardened steel gears and quick release top rollLarge roll adjusting screwsPrecision ground rollsHeavy cast end frames (Welded steel frame and cast iron side frames)Set up scales for repeatabilityFront mounted handle to lift the upper roll for material removalPrecision adjusting screws for upper and lower front rolls

Would you like to add this feature-rich sheet metal forming machine to your shop? It is important that you source this equipment from a reliable manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication tools-like Woodward Fab. The slip rollers provided by the company are engineered to provide you with astounding results irrespective of your level of proficiency to form curved cylinders or panels.