"Is over there an concern with fast reply in iOS 15? when a text message comes in that does not enable me to long organize to answer it from the lock screen, is this a brand-new bug?"

Recently, a most users report on Apple ar that iOS 15 rapid reply not functioning on your iPhone. They got a message notification on the lock screen yet unable to answer it directly, which make some human being feel for this reason inconvenient. Luckily in this article, we"ll call you how to permit quick answer on iphone X/8/7/6/6s/5s after iOS 14 update with detailed instructions.

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1.Turn on message Message rapid Reply in Settings

When the fast reply option is off, you cannot reply to text/group messages or email on iphone phone lock screen. Here"s just how you can enable this feature.

Go come Settings, scroll down and tap ~ above Touch i would & Passcode, enter your passcode.Now revolve on "Reply v Message" under ALLOW access WHEN LOCKED.

Close Settings and also you"ll be able to view and also send messages there is no opening article app.

2.Disable 3D Touch ~ above iOS 15

For iphone phone 6s or later, it needs to deep press and hold the notification to bring up fast reply window. As soon as the 3D Touch is off, you slide the message and will view "View" and also "Clear" options. Tap top top the "View" and also you"ll be enabled replying the message on the lock screen.

Go to settings -> basic -> accessibility -> 3D Touch and then rotate it off.


3.Turn on article Previews in Notification

Sometimes iPhone cannot answer message messages, Viber, WhatsApp call or skype from lock display screen is because the post previews is off, climate you space not able come preview message or prize it. Go to setups -> Notifications -> Messages, role down and also tap ~ above "Show Previews", select "Always".


4.Force Reboot iPhone

Force restart iphone is an easy means to fix iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google messenger quick reply not functioning after iOS 15 update; you can likewise have a shot if the methods over failed come work.

For iphone phone 6S Plus and also earlier models, press and also hold Sleep+ Home switch until the Apple logo appears. Because that iPhone 7 and later models, press Power + Volume down button until the Apple logo design appears


5.Reset every Settings

Well, if the rapid reply keyboard still doesn"t job-related on iphone after trying the approaches above, reset all settings will be the critical choice. Walk to setups -> basic -> Reset -> Reset all Settings.

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Hope the tricks help to reply to message from lock display on iOS 15 successfully. If friend have additional questions or suggestions, don"t hesitation to contact us.