If her toilet flange bolts are rusted and resist removal, first try spraying the rusted bolt through penetrating oil and enable it come soak for 15 minutes. As soon as the oil has soaked in because that 15 minutes, use a socket wrench to effort to remove the bolt. If the doesn’t work, you will require to reduced the bolt off. The preferred way to cut the bolt is through a dremel equipped v a steel cutting wheel. However, an oscillating tool, edge grinder, or mini-hacksaw deserve to all be safely supplied to reduced off a rusted flange bolt. Stop using bolt cutters or attempting come snap the bolt off through force, together this might crack her toilet.

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5 approaches to eliminate Rusted toilet Flange Bolts

Most approaches for removing a rusted toilet flange bolt involve making use of cutting devices to cut through the bolt between the nut and the washer. To prevent injury, it’s important to stay safety equipment while working.

Wear the following when cut rusted bolts:

Eye protectionDust maskWork gloves

Always job-related in a for sure environment. If you space working to eliminate a toilet, it’s an essential to shut off and unhook the water supply. Then, do the washing up the toilet to drain as lot water as feasible from the tank and also bowl. If you’ve done every this and have encountered a rusted flange bolt, attempt the following techniques.

Penetrating Oil and Wrench

Spray the rusted bolt through penetrating oil and allow it come soak for 15 minutes. This time is compelled for the toil to work into the bolt threads. Once the oil has finished penetrating, usage a socket wrench and appropriately sized socket to attempt to loosened the bolt.

Attempt to loosen the bolt v a socket wrench.If the entire bolt assembly turns as soon as you usage a socket wrench, usage pliers to host the threaded bolt in location while you attempt to ease the nut with an flexible wrench.

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Sometimes, rusted flange bolts withstand removal because the basic of the bolt turns together with the nut. When this happens, the entire bolt assembly spins. In these cases, enable the penetrating oil come work. Then, attempt to organize the visible part of the bolt v pliers while trying to ease the nut v an adjustable wrench.