I"ve tried to and tried, however just can"t carry out it. Have the right to anyone assist me v a method to remove my crappy old 7 speed cassette and install a brand new 11 rate without using a cassette wrench? I"m no rich enough to own one.

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Use the correct tool. There really is no other an excellent answer.

Bodges that could get the old one off, maybe

a hammer and also cold chisel - most likely to upset the subject on the freehub.a grinder and also cutoff disc - guaranteed to damages the freehub, plus throws sparks and metal shavings right into the mechanism. I"ve in reality done this come a cheap bike whereby all I needed to save were the spokes, and also not the freewheel or hub. Most enjoyable.a gas axe/torch will definitely cut the lockring off, but you"ll also damage the hub and also spokes, and also possibly the pickled in salt too.

Practical Alternatives

You require a cassette lockring removal tool. Together per comments they"re a couple of dollars native China, or about 10x that from your local bike shop immediately.


Park FR-5, likely to critical decades.

You will likewise need some way to organize the old cassette come undo the lockring. The correct device is a Chain Whip


Park SR-1, again suppose 30 years service out that this tool. It costs three time as much as the locknut tool. I have regulated to bodge this by making use of a size of worn old chain and a pair of vise-grips.

What can I do?

There exist Bicycle Co-operatives who exist to aid you through your bike. They"re generally cost-free or donation-if-you-can levels. And also they will have actually these an easy tools for you to use, and may even run workshops. Because that me locally, RAD (or Recycle-a-Dunger) is a good service, and also can be found at http://www.radbikes.co.nz/

Another alternative is any kind of kind that "mens shed" which are global, and also tend come be inhabited by some really handy chaps. Instance http://www.kinrossmensshed.org/what-we-do.html

A third option is come ask approximately anyone you know who cycles. Worst the can occur is they to speak no.

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Lastly, friend might be able to take her (clean) wheel right into your regional Bike Shop and also ask for help. If you"re a customer, a LBS might be may be to aid by conveniently slapping the through, because that minimal or even no charge.