The room I have schosen is where I stockpile my room. I"ve obtained a cooler there that"s target temperature is collection to -4c, yet it wavers about 9c-10c, which spoils my food. I"ve had actually that heater a couple rooms over off for a couple of days, would that influence anything?



So it"s difficult to tell definitively from the display screen shot, yet here are some suggestions:

The number one loss of cooling in Rimhuman being is with doors. Everytime the door opens, your colonists let the cold air out. Consider installing an "airlock," a one tile hallway in between your fridge and the remainder of the base with 2 doors. Theoretically, both doors will never before be open up at the same time. Fridge doors are likewise great candidays for autodoors, as less time open up suggests much less airflow. You can also redesign so the fridge only has one entrance.

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Different products have actually different levels of insulation. Consider replacing your timber walls via rock or steel, and also specifically think about making use of double walls, which will certainly keep the cold in and the warm out.


Since you didn"t article the whole display, it"s difficult to tell, yet it"s possible that your exterior temperature is as well high for a solitary cooler to have the ability to make the room reach the tarobtain temperature.

Try Dallium"s answer however if that does not resolve your problem simply add an additional cooler to the room. Also store in mind that generators also produce warmth and it"s a poor idea to have them best beside a place you"re trying to store cool.


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