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Hiya! A while earlier I posted an ible on picking your initially Ocarina, if you bought one or currently very own one, this ible will certainly present you all I recognize around playing it!

Tip 1: First Off Is Learning How to Hold an Ocarina... It Sounds Silly But It's Really Important..


Hold the ocarina through your best hand dealing with out and your left hand encountering you. Right index finger goes on the hole closest to the mouth item. Left index finger goes over the hole close to the leftmany edge. Now area all of your fingers dvery own. Thumbs on the bottom holes. Cover the holes with the pads of your fingers, sealing them firmly however gently. The ocarina should feel comfortable and secure.

Tip 2: Now Bring the Ocarina to Your Mouth and also Blow Into It, Saying "tu". Do This a Couple of Times Until It Sounds Clear.

You must be breapoint develop your stomach, not chest, practice breathing a couple of times, you shouldn"t feel your shoulders increase if you do it effectively. Good posture is necessary also.


Now if you have actually mastered saying "tu", we have the right to acquire on to actual music time.. It helps a lot if you know sheet music, which I execute not, so I learn songs by ear and also tabs. But I carry out recognize the ocarinas fingerings for notes. It"s extremely tough to define, so look at the picture for the note fingerings. Start at C, then occupational your way up, taking quick breaths when essential. (remember to say "tu" to start each note) as you go up the scale, you"ll have to increase breath press. It if it sounds level, blow harder, if its sharp blow softer. Use a tuner to assist gain it right. Breath manage is exceptionally vital.


As you go up the range you"ll alert that the ocarina becomes unsecure. You"ll need to deal with this.. When lifting the thumb holes, don"t actually lift them, roll them. Like in the picture.


Once you lift the ideal pinkie, put it on the outer edge of the ocarina for even more balance. If you have actually a longer ocarina, wrap your pinkie and ring finger roughly the end.

Are you prepared to play some music? I have offered tabs for you to use, you have the right to discover lots of them on the Internet. Just search for "12 hole ocarina tabs" and also add the name of the song.


The first one is Zelda"s lullaby. The second is the song of time,and the third is Saria"s song. Take it sluggish, you"ll ultimately gain it. It takes a while to make the high notes sound clear. Refer the the photo of the note fingerings if you require them. You have the right to play sheet music songs if you learn these. (offered you can review sheet music) Just memorize the fingering.

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This is the end... No no, do not cry! ? I hope the ible helps you on your ocarina playing dreams! If you check out I left something out, please comment and let me know and also I"d be happy to include it. Bye!

It"s not great to learn the ocarina via tabs! It borders you a lot bereason just a couple of songs are available as tabs and also you can"t gain the rythm and also rate from them.