Last that the troops from my Dark Imperium crate to be painted up with comparison paints. I'm still really enjoying the finish and also style I'm gaining out the the paints.

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Wraithbone Primer every over.

Armour is Militarum Green.

Trim/Bronze locations are Gore Grunta Fur. The darker areas are end the Militarum environment-friendly base coat. The lighter, much more orange copper is simply Gore Grunta Fur.

Tentacles and Flesh are Guiliman Flesh.

Silver steels are every Basilicum Grey.

Bones are Skelton Horde.

Yellow bits space Iyanden Yellow.

Red cloak is Fleshtearers Red.

The exhilaration is Athermatic Blue.

Your paintjob looks yes, really good! giving me some borderlands vibes. Definitely convinced me to gain some contrast paints myself.

Nice work. I've tried comparison on fatality guard and it simply didn't look right. Maybe the undercoat. I'm walk to provide it an additional go utilizing Wraithbone instead of Grey Seer.

Now, what's the best way to piece paint?

I've offered Testor's paint remover. Let them soak in there (i recognize it states not to) because that a few minutes then rub them through a toothbrush.

Looks frickin awesome. I simply went and picked increase literally all of those paints maybe 4 days earlier based ~ above WHTV's myphitic blighthauler video clip - ns think the almost cartoony vibe the contrast paints provide is phenomenal because that DG.

Is this every "1 thick coat" or did you perform multiple coats? did you slim the paints for any kind of of the applications?

Is the Nurgling simply plaguebearer's flesh? He come out particularly great.

The basics that the system come from the video! It's all one coat, prevent the darker bronze on the trim, which is the Gore Grunta brown end the Militarum Green.

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None the the paint has been thinned and also is directly out the the pot, into the model. Quite than one thick coat, it's one sensible coat. Just need to focused on mopping up extreme pooling and also making sure not to rest the "skin" as soon as the paint starts come dry.

Nurgling skin is just plague bearer flesh but the eye is Iyanden Yellow


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