But then there’s a little hiccup- you really don’t sophisticated the bappropriate mediumtone of the ceilings

(the previous owner had actually it repainted royal blue) and you wish to make it a few shades lighter.

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Next problem: Tall ladders make you nervous, which rules out an extension ladder.

And so you’re virtually giving up on doing it yourself..

But hey, not as well fast..

Take a minute to read just how to paint high locations without a ladder below and try repainting it yourself.

Let’s challenge it: Even if you don’t cringe at the sight of tall ladders, many of us never feel totally safe,

no matter exactly how keenly one follows his/her ladder’s security setup guide.

On the contrary, some of the methods we imply below are safer and also in truth, much simpler alternatives

to making use of ladders and scaffolds as soon as painting high exterior walls, high ceilings over stairs, and also various other terrifying heights.

Let’s get started..

Table of Contents

How to paint high areas without a ladder – action by step3. Get paintingHow to paint high areas without a ladder – take into consideration making use of a paint edger

Tools and accessories you need:

Image: Painted high wall3. How to paint

Insert the edger’s pad right into your paint (given that edgers are not made equal, it’s crucial to inspect the manufacturer’s instruction in this step).

Bonus tip: Don’t overpack it with paint (it seriously messes the edges if flooded via paint).

Now cut in about the edges of the surconfront you’re renovating, windows/doors, above the

baseboards, listed below trims, and approximately woodwork with the edger (Maintain a straight line throughout).

If with, proceed to pick the paint roller and also roll paint the staying component of the wall or ceiling.


Congratulations on a project well done!

Attic stairs for tiny spaces

Other options to ladders and scaffolds- think of scissor lifts, cherry pickers (yes!), and the favor.

They all involve spfinishing time in dizzying heights (so they’re still frightening) not to cite their high rental cost.

As such, I uncover the over methods even more artistic and also a lot of importantly, friendlier to those who have actually no time for ladders and also other elevation equipment.

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Be certain to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the latter and also great painting techniques when trying this.