On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: By perfect the main Easter egg, you gain the capacity to upgrade the Pack-a-Punch and also even improve those Wonder Weapons.

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Completing the key Easter egg isn’t the end for zombies in Spaceland — there’s still more to do and also explore in the zombie-infested theme park.

For beating the final boss, you’ll obtain a unique item that isn’t simply aboutproving your digital superiority; inserting it into the Pack-a-Punch device allows you to obtain a second upgrade because that every weapon. Also guns the couldn’t it is in Pack-a-Punch’d have the right to now gain upgraded. Nice nice, right?

Check the end the guide below for every the rapid details top top this hidden bonus.

How to update Pack-A-PunchThe first step come upgrading the Pack-A-Punch is… finishing the key Easter egg. Discover all the steps to finish it here:

Yeah, that’s a pretty high order, but the Pack-a-Punch update is precious it if you want to make it through an insane lot of rounds. With the right team, you might be able to keep walk (almost) infinitely.

How to upgrade the Pack-a-Punch:Defeat the Alien boss at the finish of the main Easter egg quest.Collect the extraterrestrial Fuse native the boss.Use the alien Fuse on the Pack-a-Punch device through the portal.

Now you can Pack-a-Punch any weapon, or get a 2nd (even much more powerful) Pack-a-Punch for weapons you’ve currently upgraded. Here’s how it works:

First Pack-A-Punch: 5,000 point out – most weapons can be upgraded (No Wonder Weapons)Second Pack-A-Punch: 10,000 clues – all weapons have the right to be upgraded

For an easy guns, you’ll insert the weapon into the Pack-a-Punch machine for the first (5,000) upgrade, then you have the right to insert that same weapon again because that a 2nd (10,000) upgrade.

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Yeah, that’s a steep price, however it’s likewise worth it. Especially if you have actually one that the weapons of Rock. This deadly laser weapons, once upgraded v Elemental powers and the second-level Pack-a-Punch, space pretty much unstoppable.