Volume levels are essential to the all at once quality of your production. There is nothing worse that having the volume boost by 20db just as a cannon is gift shot off in the video clip clip. Poor audio levels have the right to really put a damper ~ above the whole video experience. V Premiere Elements, you can control the volume level because that each clip individually. You can even break-up a clip and then control the volume for each item individually, if you require that kind of control. Friend can additionally normalize the sound over an entire clip, making the audio volume levels an ext consistent end the length of the clip and also the project. 1.

Right-click an Audio Clip in the Timeline Right-click one audio clip in the Timeline to pick it and also open the clip"s context menu.


Choose Audio Gain indigenous the paper definition menu, select Audio acquire to open the Clip get dialog box.54. Raise, Lower, and Normalize Sound Volume



Select Volume +/ To readjust the clip"s volume, position the mouse pointer over the 0.0 area. Click and drag come the right or left: drag left come decrease the number and the volume; drag right to increase the number and the volume. Alternatively, click the 0.0 worth and type a specific number, quite than dragging. The 0.0 worth is the clip"s volume in ~ the point before you make any kind of changes. Entering a positive number increases the volume through that many decibels; beginning a an unfavorable number lowers the volume by that numerous decibels.


When adjusting the volume, remember that 0.0db is the clip"s original volume level. Any kind of positive value is boost in the initial volume, and also any an adverse value is a diminish in the initial volume.


Normalize the Volume and Click OK after you have made any type of volume alters necessary, you have the right to normalize the audio levels. By choosing this option, the audio level of the clip are immediately adjusted. Levels that room too high space reduced and levels that are too low are boosted to create a more even volume throughout the entire clip. If there are specific places in the audio clip whereby you desire the levels greater or lower on purpose, normalizing could do an ext harm 보다 good. Hear to the normalized clip to ensure you obtain the preferred result. After you have actually made any type of volume changes and also normalized the audio levels because that the clip, click the yes button. Beat your readjusted clip to see whether the changes made achieved your goal of adjusting the clip"s volume.

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If not, open up the Clip get dialog box again and also make finer adjustments. Don"t forget girlfriend can constantly undo your changes!