There are a range of great deer antler mount kits on the sector this particular day. If you’ve ever wanted to mount your very own deer antlers, among these antler kits is a great means to go. Regardmuch less of your alternative of antler mounting kit, tbelow are some fundamental steps to follow to encertain a great looking mount on the wall for years to come. In this article, we’re going to review the important steps connected in developing an excellent looking deer antler mount.

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Cut Antlers Off Skull

When cutting off deer antlers for an antler plaque mount, pay cautious attention to the angle of your through reduced because this will certainly impact exactly how your antlers display on the wall. In this number, lines blue, red, and green would certainly each occupational fine. It all counts on your desired angle of display screen.

The the majority of widespread technique of mounting deer antlers on a plaque involves keeping the antlers undamaged with the skull plate. In this case, you remove the antlers, maintaining them linked to the skull plate, by sawing dvery own right into the skull in front of both antlers and also simply behind the eye sockets. Then, an additional reduced is perdeveloped from the earlier of the skull in the direction of the nose, at an angle that goes roughly through the middle of each eye socket.


Before you reduced off a deer’s antlers, it helps to have actually an concept of the angle you desire the antlers to sit on the plaque. A posterior to nose cut that goes steeper (i.e. from earlier of skull dvery own in the direction of the mouth) will show the rack even more upbest. A shalreduced cut (i.e. from earlier of skull with the mid to upper eye socket) will present the rack even more from a top see on the wall. Use individual preference as soon as making your specific cuts. There really isn’t a wrong way to execute it, just gain them off the skull without a ton of added bone. Hint: band saws and also cordless reciprocating saws deserve to work-related excellent for precision cutting!

Rerelocating the Antlers Separately (Optional)

Some deer antler mount kits enable you to mount burned deer antlers or antlers that have actually been reduced off flush at the pedicle. Sometimes the skull plate is broken and a replica skull plate is necessary. Fear not! Tbelow are some good choices in antler kits that will certainly still obtain you an excellent looking deer antler mount!

Some antler mounting kits for deer permit you to reduced the antlers off flush listed below the burr, making for quick, straightforward work!

Tbelow are even some awesome replica deer skull kits for making a euro mount via your antlers long after the genuine skull is history! Explore your alternatives. You might find it’s simplest and quickest to get a good mount by just cutting off each antler right under the burr. It will certainly save you from the next 2 actions I’m about to describe!

Remove the Deer Hide from the Skull

If your deer is fresh, this is a pretty directly forward process. Tools required:

Sharp knifeScrewdriverPliers (needle-nose or regular)

If this is a collection of deer antlers that has actually the hide dried on, a tiny even more patience will be required. You’ll should soak the antlers/skull plate in some water for approximately several days. Do this somewbelow wbelow a tiny “stench” won’t be an issue (garage vs. kitchen!) because as the old hide rehydrates tright here have the right to definitely be some foul odors.

Once the deer skin/hide is rehydrated and also workable, it’s time to obtain it off the skull plate. Make a few cuts via your knife from the perimeter of the skull plate to the base of each antler. Go ahead and affix the cuts in between the antlers too if you want. We’re not concerned at all with damaging the hide & hair in this situation, so simply carry out what you gotta perform to get the hide off. Skin the hide earlier ameans from the skull. Using a screwdriver to pry it amethod from the burr frequently provides things much easier. As you obtain some skin totally free from the skull, pliers helps gain a firm grip and also pull/yank it ameans from the skull. You deserve to commonly put a pretty excellent amount of press on the hide in this action. It should peel off pretty easy if the skin is soft enough

Clean the Skull Plate

Okay, currently that the deer’s skin is off the skull plate, we want to clean up the skull so that no insects or odors will wreak havoc later on. Use a knife to cut and scrape ameans as a lot meat & tconcern as feasible from the skull cap. Then, at minimum, you should use borax to the skull plate and permit it to dry. Ideally, but, you must boil the skull plate in water (taxidermist trick: usage a tiny sal soda in the water!) for about 30-60 minutes, and also then scrape away all tissue. Be mindful when boiling antlers not to immerse the actual antlers right into the water also a lot. This can change the coloration and develop a require for restoring their shade. Check out our write-up on coloring deer antlers if you run right into that problem.

Attach Deer Antlers to Plaque

Each deer antler mount plaque kit will certainly vary a small little via how to actually affix the antlers to the plaque. Basically, you’re going to have to drill a couple holes in the skull plate. Hole size should be correct to the size of the screws provided in the kit. Then you screw the antlers dvery own onto the plaque. You have the right to trim the skull plate to modify the angle that they sit on the plaque, so experiment till you get it exactly how you want it.

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A good looking deer antler mount completed by a happy Mountain Mike’s customer!

Attach Decorative Skull Plate Cover

The last major step in mounting deer antlers is to attach a covering over the skull plate. This hides the “ugly” component and really dresses up the plaque for a good, finished look. Coverings come in the majority of shapes and finishes, but many are some sort of oval-shape. Finishes selection from red velvet or felt to tanned buckskin. Sometimes, gold brassist is used to decoprice (and cover) the transition between the burr and the cover. Get artistic and also make it your own!

Hang & Enjoy!

That’s really all there is to making your very own deer antler mount. With all the excellent antler mounting kits on the sector, you will find some subtle distinctions from one to the other, but overall, the over actions will acquire you well on your means to a great looking deer antler mount. Be certain to follow your individual kit’s instructions well for the best results. Check out Mountain Mike’s offerings in deer antler mount kits, and also please contact us if you have actually any kind of concerns alengthy the way!

Here’s great video of our founder, Mike Bartholdy, demonstrating a deer antler mount using our Plaque Master antler kit.