Spotify has actually quietly released its own iMessage applications that allow you message songs come friends with just a few taps. The new app hasn’t to be officially announced, but appears to be similar in usability to Spotify’s Messenger app, which go live earlier this spring as one of Messenger’s new chat extensions.

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As through the Messenger bot, the new iMessage app additionally lets you conveniently search across Spotify’s full magazine for a monitor you desire to share, climate tap a switch to dough a preview of the song into your conversation session. This preview has an album image, tune title, and artist information.

But in the iMessage app’s case, the photo is much bigger than ~ above Messenger, and also there’s no “play” button. Instead, a tiny Spotify logo at the optimal left is what suggests that what you’ve sent out is a song.


The recipient climate taps the image which launches a new window, overlaid on optimal of the chat session. From right here they have the right to play the provided 30-second clip, or insanity the “Play top top Spotify” button below to hear the complete track, if you’re a subscriber. (We likewise noticed that once it knows you’re a paying Spotify user, the option to stream a clip goes away and also you’re just directed to the Spotify app to stream.)


Above: Spotify’s iMessage application begins arguing songs together you type

The iMessage extension itself rolled out in Spotify’s latest iOS application update this week, and also was climate spotted through iGeneration, MacRumors, and others.

As reports have actually noted, a an essential difference between Spotify’s iMessage app and Apple Music’s is that the latter enables you to hear to the full track ideal in iMessage. However, Apple’s is more limited because it just pulls up tracks that are in her ‘recently listened’ list.


If you have Spotify’s iOS app currently installed, you can switch on the new Spotify iMessage application from the iMessage application Store (unless you have actually your settings configured come automatically enable all brand-new iMessage apps through default, in which situation you have the right to just start using the app).

On iOS 11, that means heading to the finish of the horizontal heat of iMessage apps that appear when you tap the app Store switch next come the message entry crate in iMessage, climate tapping the “More” button. This launches a window where girlfriend can control which apps room switched on. (Just insanity the “Edit” switch to screen their toggle switches).

Though the functionality on iMessage is limited to simply sharing tracks – no finding warm or trending music or building group playlists, for example – that may actually it is in a clever design choice on Spotify’s part.

One point some iMessage apps have actually done wrong is call for too numerous steps come use. When you’re in the center of a back-and-forth conversation, girlfriend don’t desire to disappear indigenous the chat because that too lengthy while you fiddle v apps. By simple the procedure to simply three measures – search, tap, and also share – it’s a lot much faster to send a Spotify clip now, quite than hunting down the URL that the monitor instead.

Spotify’s Messenger app has likewise seemingly pared down due to the fact that launch, we have to note. Initially it also highlighted popular tracks and made assorted recommendations, however now it just lets friend search, pull from current songs, or produce playlists.

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Spotify confirmed the launch of the new iMessage application to in a statement.

“Spotify’s iMessage app is obtainable now, enabling users to easily search for and share music through friends directly from iMessage,” a spokesperson said. “It’s the latest means in i beg your pardon we’re empowering individuals to re-superstructure music through friends in a fast and also fun way.”