Hey, any set up suggestions for effectively making meat jerkys? I discover this very time consuming and I dont desire to waste resources in this procedure.

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1/2 hr for each jerky, I too was hoping for a faster way, or a means to execute it en-mass. I agree it's really damn slow as soon as it's one at a time, once it must be the whole stack each time

In the tek-tier they have said they are going to have somepoint to rate it up. Also they is a dehydrator Mod if you would be interested in that.

Make a smokeresidence. I favor to build them right into ceilings placing 4 preserving bins on each hatchframe. Keeps them accessible, area efficient, and out of the way.

That appears choose a little bit of overkill for all yet the a lot of substantial of people. Since 9 cooked prime have the right to jerky per bin without spoilage, 10 bins will prepare 90 in 4.5 hrs. If the people tons it 3 times a day, you're generating 270 jerky a day. I can't imagine the majority of tribes needing much even more than that for kibble. 32 bins, seems like it would take so long to pack up with 1 or 2. And loading with 9 each? 288 in 4.5 hours, i can't also think around what i would need that much for conveniently.

I am a fan of keeping every little thing functioning. Load the beetles, pack the keeping bins, set the refineries smelting, collection 200 narcotics food preparation off in 3 mortars, then go gather while every little thing is automating.

Small point, choose gas and metal, cooked meat and cooked prime will certainly produce jerky simulateously, so you have the right to double your manufacturing rate by doubling up your types of meat.

I typically use the adhering to setup:

Low tech: farm prime with wolf or pteradon, I like penguins and stegos. Rerevolve to nearby campfires, keeping on Dino to extfinish life. Chef it, bring to maintaining bins. My base typically has 5-8 bins.

High tech: use Argent and pteradon to farm, or Rex to farm, via pteradon to run meat to industrial grill. Again, require to bins, by this allude, 10 bins.

We simply have two bins and it's been more than sufficient so far. Fill 'em up before you go to bed and by the time you wake up you have plenty.

Preserving Bin cooked meat and cooked prime a dash of oil and sprinkle so sparkpowder and also your great to go.

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