With cannabis now legal in the majority of states, there are an ext interesting means to smoke her stash.

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Naturally, we assumed this would certainly be an suitable moment to introduce readers come a DIY pipeline made particularly for sweet tooths. The Starburst pipe. Watch the tutorial together Youtuber grasp Bong gives us a quick breakdown of how to rotate this standard candy right into a smoking device.

Oh, and also we heard it renders a an excellent post-sesh snack.

Starburst Pipe:


Pack of StarburstSkewer (metal or wooden)Your an option of cannabis: miscellaneous fruity or sweet will complement nice!


Unwrap the Starburst pieces and press them on peak of one one more so lock stick.Take your skewer and also cut a feet 2/3 with the length of the stack.Make a rounded feet on peak of the stack to produce your bowl.Now load that business and also enjoy!

HM TIP: use a mesh display to catch any residue and rinse out the edible pipe prior to eating.

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