Cosplay on a budget plan – Shyguy

So you have just a few days until the convention and also no costume ready. Bespeak one online is the end of the question, it might not get delivered on time (or you salary a premium for express shipping). So what carry out you do? All her money is geared towards the convention. (Admission, food, dealers room, etc…)

What’s a Shyguy? Shyguys are the masked adversaries that appear in at sight Mario Bros. 2 video clip game. They show up in miscellaneous colored jackets such as red, pink, green, white, etc… They likewise make an illustration in various other Mario gamings as well. Their defining feature is the white mask the they wear and also the solid color jacket.

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The good thing around making this mask is that you have the right to probably find all the materials at a dollar keep or even Walmart. It’s perfect if you desire to cosplay top top a budget.

For the type of mask in the pictured above, you’ll need:

White construction record or thin cardboard.Plastic Canvas or a garden mesh with small holes.White glue or a hot Glue gun.String or elastic strap.Scissors or a cut knife.


Black nylon stockings.White paint (non toxic).Black paint (non toxic).Styrofoam.

Making the mask. If you look at images of Shyguys, you’ll notification their masks are simply two eyes and a mouth, filled in through black. There’s a strap that holds that in place. Due to the fact that I didn’t feel prefer sacrificing a leather belt, ns went for an elastic instead.

The Template. girlfriend could try to draw the form on the cardboard yourself if you are confident in her skills. However, I provided my computer to make a template. Any kind of software have to be alright to use as long as the can attract circles and ovals.

On windows, shot Paint or Inkscape it’s for free! If there’s no leader in your illustration program, climate it could take a bit of trial and error to acquire the sizing right.

After you publish out her template, cut out the mask, eyes and mouth. As soon as that’s done map out the pattern on the cardboard making use of a pencil. As soon as that’s done, reduced out the sample from the cardboard.

Since i didn’t have white building paper, I offered cardboard provided for stop a dozen cans. I then painted mine mask through white spray paint. Two coats was all ns really needed. I have to note that repaint takes time to dry, not to mention the smell. Ns don’t care what the label on the have the right to says, there’s quiet a smell.

The following step is to add the mesh for the eyes and mouth. If you can’t find plastic canvas in black, you’ll have to paint it. Ns was happy in finding black plastic garden mesh in ~ the dollar save where the holes to be small.

If you notification in the photo, I used a solitary piece that mesh to cover the eyes and also mouth. The reason for this is that i didn’t want any edges jabbing into my confront when ns wear the mask. I glued everything to the mask making use of a hot glue gun, but white adhesive will work as well.

after a little bit if preliminary fitting, I added the pink styrofoam where my eyebrows would be, just so the mask wouldn’t look choose it’s angling towards the top of mine head.

At this point, ns wasn’t come happy that you can still see my eyes with the mesh, therefore I cut up part black nylons (again native the dollar store) and also glued them end the eyes.

Once this was done, i glued one elastic on therefore I have the right to wear the mask. All that was left because that me to execute was include a shade hoodie.

Now you can skip the mesh and use the nylons instead, yet I uncovered that the mesh aided keep the form of the mask as soon as I strapped it to mine face.

So there you go. Cosplay ~ above a spending plan doing Shyguy. The products probably price me less than $5 indigenous the dollar keep (not including the paint).

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In retrospect:

I should have bought the construction document instead of painting the cardboard.Used a smoother surfaced styrofoam. The one i used has actually a unstable surface and also left a funny mark between my eyes.A file plate could have been faster, yet not as fun to make.

Got any type of comments or ideas? I’d love to hear them!