Build this homemade pallet pry bar through parts from the hardware save, no welding forced. Grab a bunch of right angle brackets and some nuts and also bolts, and also make a pallet buster. Neat.

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Pallet Pry Bar Parts List

Eight 4″ right angle brackets

Two 3 1/2″ Grade 5 3/8″ bolts & nuts

Two 3/4″ 1/4″ bolts & nuts

Handful of lockwashers

Handful of 3/8″ washers

Six 1/2″ nuts to use as spacers

Three foot length of 3/4″ pipe

Right angle elbow 3/4″ pipe

Do a dry run in the hardware save and make sure this all works as ideal you have the right to, it could conserve a expedition to the keep.


I don’t have actually a specific measurement as to wright here to drill the holes, you have the right to use this photo as a guide. You have the right to drill this via a corded drill, or ideally, a drill press. Be certain to oil the little as it cuts to keep it cool. The drill bit will certainly wander once making the holes for the homemade pallet pry bar, so usage a pointed metal punch or nail to set a allude for the drill to sit in.

Drill out the existing holes in the brackets to accept the bolts.

I used nylon lock nuts on the two bolts that go via the pipe, if you can’t find them, use lock washers to keep the nuts tight. The two smaller sized bolts that hold the brackets to themselves don’t need to be Grade 5, continuous ones will execute.

The oversized nuts occupational excellent for spacing the brackets off the pallet buster. I made this wide to account for different pallets I have actually run into.


Be sure to tighten up the bolts! Tright here is a lot of torque happening here, you don’t desire this to loss acomponent. After you have assembled the pallet pry bar, round off the sharp corners of the brackets. This will certainly help minimize damage to the pallet hardwood, if you want to use it to construct stuff.

I discovered the addition of the pipe elbow really helps this tool work well. It adds a small bit of leverage. I got the concept from the small wonder bar crowbar I have, it has actually a little loop of steel behind the service end of the bar.

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Thanks to Darren and also Rybitski of Instructables for the incentive to develop this.