Hello and also welcome to my Freddy Fazbear costume from 5 Nights in ~ Freddy’s. I chose to do Freddy Fazbear since I love the game and I saw other human being making FNAF costumes.

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I make the head the end of part foam. I an initial put a black t-shirt right into a ninja hood onto the foam mannequin head. I grabbed some foam and began to shape it. The fur I obtained is brown hair from understanding Lobby. The eyeballs space made the end of paper and vinyl, if the eyes space made from buckrum and were colored blue because Freddy’s eyes are blue.

The handpaws room both sewn. The nose for my Freddy Fazbear costume is made out of foam covered in black color paper.

I want to carry out the full body yet saw that ns didn’t have actually that lot foam and also fur left, lol. Therefore that’s why i made a partial. I additionally made a tail. It’s simply a be afflicted with tail stuffed with polyfil stuffing. It to be kinda daunting to shape the mask, however it was every worth it.

My mom and also Step-dad were surprised and also thought the my Freddy Fazbear costume was cool.

Thanks because that reading. FNAF FTW and keep on costuming! :D

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