So, you want to dress as characters from Scurrently White and the Salso Dwarfs? You deserve to totally perform this!


I do not make apparel, but was able to make dwarf costumes pretty conveniently. I made sufficient accessories for the prince that he looked homemade too!

I’ve searched through my photos, and also simply cannot find photos of the process, however I have the right to absolutely tell you exactly how I went around it.

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I took each kid’s sweatshirt, turned it inside out, and also supplied it as a pattern for the top. I made certain it would be baggy, simply choose the dwarfs’ shirts. I found fleece draped most choose the dwarfs’ shirts did in the movie. I didn’t end up the edges of the shirt. The neck hole is significant so his head can acquire with, and also the beard covers any gaping. The sleeve edges are simply tucked in, and also they don’t attempt to come out. This method tright here aren’t distracting seams. Lazy? Yes. Yes, I am. I had actually to make three!


For Dopey, I made the shirt the very same method, other than made it added long, and also attached a cowl neck.

Doc’s sleeves are rolled up, just like the movie.


I watched the scenes of the movie wbelow the dwarfs walk and dance, repetitively to acquire an concept of just how the pants have to fit. I settled on leggings for the best fit for this look. Luckily, Tarobtain had actually simply the right colors. I ordered a couple of sizes to be certain to obtain the ideal tightness. Yes, I’m meticulous sometimes. My oldest and also I had actually to repeat scenes over and also over to agree on the colors we were seeing. That scene is dark and muted!

The hats are likewise fleece, aobtain to obtain the best motion. I measured each kid’s head and also reduced the cloth VERY lengthy. I sewed the hat up the side, then gathered the finish and also sewed it in an X. It was lengthy enough to droop simply best. The dwarfs’ hats weren’t pointy, so I had actually to make certain they didn’t pertained to a allude. There may be a better way of doing this. I’d never before made a hat before. It worked. I didn’t finish the edge roughly the challenge, because I didn’t want a seam showing, so I simply tucked it under and it remained put.

For the shoe covers, I measured about each kid’s shoe and added added at the front for a bit of a suggest. The dwarfs don’t have curled elf shoes, but they carry out have actually subtle points. I left a small added at the optimal to mimic the little bit of cuff the dwarfs had actually.

The belts are made of felt. Pretty directly forward. I measured them with the shirts on, and sewed a felt buckle decoration on. I think I stitched one end of the belt to the shirt to save it from moving out of location, and also I attached a bit of Velcro to save them closed.

I cut out little circles of felt for buttons and stitched them down the front.

I cut elbow patches from fleece and hand-stitched them loosely making use of huge stitches through doubled thcheck out.

I cut a beard from white felt, shaped to each kid’s confront. I finimelted the edges via feathering cuts. I stitched both ends of the beard to the hat.

The glasses and also lanterns are from Dollar Tree. Lanterns are available in the springtime.



The prince wore a white dress shirt, bereason that’s what we had. A shirt with looser sleeves would certainly be perfect. We acquired leggings from Walmart.

I offered a shirt as a pattern for dimensions for the tunic. Very straight forward. Shape to armpits and also make it long (nearly to knees). I trimmed via gold fleece.

He wore his own belt. I included “leather” straps throughout the chest, using felt.

Last, I included a cape, sewn onto the tunic, draping down to the calves.

The shoe covers were made by measuring his shoes and also extfinishing up over the knees, so they could be folded dvery own later on.

Snow White’s dress was purchased, bereason it was inexpensive, and also I don’t understand how to make clothes! Bird discovered at Michael’s and I attached an elastic loop so I can wear it, until I gifted it to my favorite bit Scurrently White I obtained to play through on Halloween. I YouTubed the Snow White hairstyle, which operated well, and also that’s saying a lot from this inept hair stylist.

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We had actually the majority of fun in these costumes, bereason they just aren’t uncovered in stores, and also making them enabled us to carry out somepoint we couldn’t otherwise perform.