So I have just acquired into tinker's weaponry( it's been awhile because I last played) and also seen you deserve to make a crossbow. Ns was hope I might see your ideas and what materials you use to do the ideal bow and also bolts possible. ( lock don't provide much information in the book) Thanks!

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This has actually been asked rather a few times already so the search function is her friend.

Try the adhering to ideas:Bow(limb): Drawtime>ArrowspeedYou desire to cap the drawspeed while maintaining a decent arrow speed for this reason high end metals like cobalt or manyl through abyssal drawtimes room superflous. Try something choose Slime. Pink is best and also blue is ok. Because that AS2 get a full illuminati crossbow.String: This is gonna it is in kinda paradox however here you want to acquire the extra arrowspeed native Firery string (those nether spider drops) together it can't be modded for and also the draw penality is neglegible ~ above your currently low drawtime together it is multiplicative. If you by any chance select a metal bow that has high drawtime an enchanted string might serve you heretic much better in this place.Binding: The product won't interfere v durability so use file or obsidian right here for one of two people a comprehensive or reinforced. I'd personal recommend document or whatever carries a writable mode in her pack.Body: Thaumium is appropriate for tool durability and added modifier that sadly can't really be stacked. If thaumium is not an option it deserve to be changed by record for mod an are fitting an extra autorepair or a cheap high to trust material.Bolt(Core):For trash mobs use either thaumium, paper or slime here. The an initial two will yield extra modspace for quartz when slime excels at high ammo count. For more armored mobs you can should use heavier ammo together it rises armor penetration yet can generally be replaced by sheer number of bolts spewing indigenous a max drawspeed crossbow.Tip: Manyllium or however it is writte or the most damaging steel you deserve to find. With extra TiC enderium would certainly be your finest bet because that example.Steel can also be used.Fletching: one of two people Slime or Slimeleafs.

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Slime will get far better accuracy while the leafs will certainly yield a higher ammo count and also a jagged full that will certainly strengthen your bolts as your quiver operation dry.Modifiers:Crossbow: one Autorepair( or two if you obtained a record body)>AS lot REDSTONE as HUMANLY POSSIBLE>some lapis for more mobdropsBolts: one Autorepair>Quartz it rotates you operation out of space

If girlfriend did it properly it must onehit almost everything vanilla. A an excellent Illuminati crossbow v Flamestring and Enderium/Manasteel(for modspace)/Slimeleaf Bolts have the right to two-hit the enderdragon in AS2 and also probably one-hit if that is leveled and packed full of quartz together i killed the dragon right after getting it.