In this next part we room going to be producing the raccoon cap from the pelt that us tanned in step one.

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Cloth because that templatePen or Sharpie

You don’t have actually a many leather to occupational so you need to construct a prototype/template for the hat prior to you can start cutting the pelt. I constructed my using some old jeans and cut lock to make a template. In ~ this allude you must decide whether you desire to do a standard coonskin hat or an ext of a Mountain man coonskin hat. Ns went v the mountain Man style of coonskin hat due to the fact that I want a cap to use throughout the winter. 

Using a towel tape or a item of string, measure up the one of your head. Next, number out the diameter for the top of the hat utilizing the formula d= C/π. In my instance the circumference to be 22in, so I separated 22 by 3.14, which provided me the diameter of 7in. Currently you have actually your straightforward measurements however you need to include some extra to allow for the seams. I started with adding 0.5in to every number. 

Half of one inch may seem favor a lot but it is only for the template, and also it is much easier to cut an ext off the design template than that is come recut a whole brand-new template in a bigger size. To trust me, i made three templates since I reduced the other two as well small. I made the height of the hat at 4.5in understanding that I would curve the front come be much shorter but it would be greater in the back. 

Cutting out Template

Mark then cut out on her of cloth and also take either directly pins or safety and security pins and also stitch them loose together. You’ll desire your layout to fit exactly how you desire your last hat to fit for this reason there may be a the majority of back-and-forth of adjusting, cutting much more off, and also adjusting again.

Once you have your layout fitting precisely how you desire it to, then number out what component of the coon skin friend will usage for each section of the template. Typically you have the peak of the hat cut from the neck area that the racoon and also the sides are strips along the back. Climate you attach the tail on in ~ the end. Since I was making a hill Man format of coonskin hat I wanted to keep the tail attached come the back of the coon which would certainly meantI required three shorter strips come finish around the prior of the hat. The length of those piece was identified by the best quality hair on the coon which supposed that I had actually one lengthy piece top top the earlier with three shorter pieces in the front. I could have done two pieces in the front yet I did not desire seam ideal in the front of the hat.


Mark design template on Raccoon Pelt

Take your template and lay them out on the coon skin using a pen or a Sharpie, note out every the sections and label it through what component of the cap is going come be. When you are working with hair you what every one of the hair going in one direction so take the into factor to consider when laying out your template sections. For circumstances if you put the design template too much on the sides of a coon, the fur patterns will be a bit different than the ago of the coon. So shot to ar the theme from the exact same color and length of fur as possible.

You don’t want to use scissors because you have the right to easily cut off the hair that is coming off the pelt. You’ll want to use a sharp X-ACTO knife or razor tongue to cut each template out. I included a bit of extra size (1/8in or so) to each theme so the I would not run into making the hat too small. Once you start sewing the was basic to trim off the extra to do the hat fit. Yet you can’t add on any kind of extra if the hat is too small. 

The leather roughly the coonskin neck can be a bit tough so you will want to readjust out blades as often as necessary. When you have all your sections reduced out, put them all the end so the hair is walk in the same direction.


You are lastly at the component where you deserve to start seeing her hat take it shape. You want to start with sewing the sides of her hat and also finish up by sewing the height onto the sides. You’re walking to desire to use a leather needle i m sorry is various than a typical needle in that it has a “self punching” pointer in order to gain through the leather. Because that the subject you can use artificial sinew or a wax thread. I went with fabricated sinew because it’s basic to traction apart the bigger threads into smaller threads.

Take two pieces of her leather and line lock up, using a needle or a little pen push the hair in and also use binder clips to host them in place. When you sew by hand the hair pelt deserve to tend to slip family member to one one more so add a halfway note onto the leather. 

Double Whipstitch

Start in ~ the right side of the pelt and also pierce the needle towards you v both layers. Climate go v the very same hole the exact same direction towards you. Then move 2-4mm come the left and also start a new stitch going with the exact same hole twice. Continually advertise the fur inside the seam together you go. On each stitch pull the thread tight, this provides a clean chop seem and will prevent any kind of gaps together a leather stretches. To end the stitch go with the same hole three times and also on that 3rd time thread the needle v that loop and also before you pull it tight, tie a node on the end. Reduced the sinew about 1in native the end of the knot.

This stitch is dubbed a dual Whipstitch which is comparable to normal Whipstitch however provides an ext strength and also prevents the stitches from slipping or becoming loose. Exercised the stitch ~ above a couple of scrap piece of the pelt till you feeling confident in do the twin Whipstitch nice and also neat.


When friend sew the critical section approximately your head check to watch that the fits correctly. You might need to eliminate a small extra turn off the leather in order because that it to fit tight. You want the cap to to the right a tiny snug since when girlfriend wear the the leather will stretch. When you complete sewing the sides together then is that is time to sew on the top.

Place the height of your hat on come the sides, utilizing the binder clips to organize it in place. You may need to change the top by cutting some off or reshaping it so that there is no buckling in the fur.

Sewing Tail

The last component is to sew the tail with each other to make it ring again. Beginning at the very end the the tail poke the needle towards you with one sides of the pelt. Then come earlier around and go through both sides of the pelt going with the same first hole. Prior to you pull the loop tight press the needle up v the loop and also pull tight. The following stitch you will certainly go v both sides of the pelt and also before friend pull the loop tight, push the needle up v the loop and also pull tight. This is called a ceiling Stitch and also is a pretty finishing stitch while also the fur on the pelt come cover increase the stitching. When you room done stitching it increase you have the right to either attach it to your hat or if you have actually gone because that a mountain guy style, stitch it increase as far as you can to the basic of the pelt. 

Adding a liner come the hat is totally optional but it to add a nice finishing touch. Make the liner was usually making the hat simply the seams top top the outside. I use the same template that I had used through the hat. But because I wasn’t worried around seems i made one whole piece because that the side v the top. I reduced the length of the sides about an inch longer than it essential to be so the I have the right to fold it in when I sewed the liner ~ above the hat. Because this was simply the liner over there did not should be any kind of structural integrity therefore I provided a Whipstitch come sew the liner together. Once I sewed the liner with each other I attached it in 4 spots ~ above the within of the hat, that means when you put your head out, the liner did no come out also.

Blanket Stitch

Once the liner has been secured right into the hat, i then fill the cap up with wheat (something else) in stimulate to store the liner indigenous pulling and shifting out of the hat as you sew. Since the seam was a visible seam I use the blanket Stitch to connect the liner come the hat.

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When I very first started wearing the Coon hat it to be a bit tight (which is exactly how you desire it) yet after wearing that a couple of times it has actually stretch out and is currently fitting perfectly. I’ve worn it once the temperature was about 18 and it is extremely warm and also even windproof.