DIY Wedding brooch bouquet

styrofoam round glue just method

If girlfriend love bling as lot as ns do, then you’ll love today’s project. The simple, easy and also looks for sure stunning once finished. As a bonus, it’s likewise a most fun placing the ostrich together and also will easily become one of your favorite wedding DIYs.

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Not only is this a an excellent idea because that the brides wedding bouquet, a bling brooch sphere bouquet prefer this would certainly be perfect for her bridesmaids too. Perhaps develop a smaller sized version through variations favor a different ribbon shade or the enhancement of a bow come the bride’s ostrich to offer it a little bit extra.

There space so plenty of different ways that you deserve to make this project your own. Reap the process and nothing forget to send in her pics of her brooch bouquets by simply tagging united state on Instagram utilizing the

Watch the tutorial

In bespeak to do these DIY brooch bouquets you"ll need:

A Styrofoam ball – I’ve supplied a 6-inch ball and it’s the dimension I recommend as the finished bling bouquet can be a little bit heavy. The final product, bling and also all, ends up being a good size as well.A dowel, reduced to sizeA size of ribbon in the color, style, and texture that your an option – I’ve supplied a 1 and a fifty percent inch ribbon for the yellow bouquet and a 2 and also a fifty percent inch ribbon for the silver bouquet.A markerA glue gun and glue rod – i recommend making use of the high short temp adhesive gun through the matching twin melt glue sticks provided on the high heat setup – this is the best hold because that our brooches that I’ve come throughout so much as few of our brooches are a small heavy because of the an excellent quality.Scissors (to reduced the ribbon) wire cutters – to cut off the backings of the broochesPaint and paint brush – I’ve supplied a foam brush for this tutorialPlate – to repaint on 

Shop mass Embellishments:

Bulk embellishments offer a fun and unique mix the designs and styles, perfect for your brooch bouquet. Some accessible with clear crystals, others likewise incorporate pearls in a range of finishes. You have the right to view the entirety collection here!



Step 1

Paint her ball


Step 2

Hollow the end the an are for the dowel


Step 3

Wrap the ribbon about the dowel. It doesn’t need to be perfect in ~ first, as you’ll wrap end the turbulent ends, carry out make it much easier on yourself and glue the finish of the dowel to the ribbon, gluing together you go along.


Step 4

Glue the dowel to the painted foam ball.


Step 5

This is whereby all the fun begins. I prefer to start with 2 or three bigger pieces and fill in the in between spaces with smaller pieces. You can use the combination or plan of bling the your selection to suit the style of your wedding brooch bouquet. I’ve supplied a an option of our silver- brooches because that this tutorial. 

You’ll notice that I’ve offered a tall vase to set the bouquet on. As the bouquet comes along, it can come to be quite heavy and also it have the right to be a little tricky to work with it together you’ll need both hands to firmly place the brooches on the foam ball. The vase helps to store the brooch ostrich in place throughout the project.

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This is most likely one of the most basic brooch bouquets I’ve ever before made and most certainly the most beautiful. No special skill or understanding of floral species is essential for this and you can be as an innovative as you choose with your brooch bouquet.