Are you curious to uncover out what lies in your future? One method to potentially find out is to shot scrying, particularly with a black mirror. This article will price the questions: What is a black mirror? How deserve to I make one? What is scrying? How deserve to I do it? 

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A black mirror is a tool used to scry, and to make one, you need to follow very details guidelines because that optimal practice. Picture courtesy of Higgy Pop. 

What is a black Mirror, and How execute I do one? 

A black mirror is a tool supplied by practitioners of magic to get answers around the past and future, and to connect with spirits. There are many specifications and requirements to pay fist to in order come scry correctly. First, you space going to desire to found a ring or oval shame mirror, no a square one. Friend may also find that you have much better results making use of a vintage or hand make mirror, therefore if you can get your hands on among those, every the better. If you execute not have access to a mirror, a round or oval shaped glass from a photo frame works as well. 

Clean both political parties of the winter or photo glass very well, and make sure there room no smudges. Next, you space going to desire to acquire matte black spray paint. Organize the spray have the right to at the very least 50 centimeters, or 20 inches/two feet away, and spray. Make certain you are relocating your hand and also the have the right to from next to side to ensure an also covering of paint over the entirety surface. Allow the paint dry, and also then use a couple of more layers. If you room using a item of picture glass, put it back into your frame with the unpainted side facing towards you. 

Be careful to save the winter smudge complimentary because any kind of prints or smudges on the mirror might pose a difficulty for scrying practice. Also, be certain to just use the mirror for scrying purposes, and don’t permit anyone rather look right into your mirror, uneven they are scrying with you. 


Scrying is a exercise that enables the practitioner to call upon spirits, or to see into their past or future. Photo courtesy that Excellence Reporter. 

What is Scrying? 

Scrying is an ancient practice that goes earlier thousands that years. The is necessary to many different cultures, such as the Celts, old Greeks, and old Egyptians. The word “scry” comes from the old english definition for “to reveal” and also it likewise serves together the origin for our modern word, “describe.” Scrying was at first only exercised with water, in i m sorry the practitioner would gaze into water to see their visions. 

Since the beginnings of water scrying, scrying has actually grown to take it on countless different forms and mediums, the typical theme being the most products used room reflective or transparent. These various other materials had oil, beryl, (a gemstone,) and also polished quartz. When mirrors became a possibility, they ended up being the desired scrying method, and also people often thought the mirrors choose water the is fixed and also does no move. 

Early mirrors were made the end of refined metals, favor copper, silver, or brass, or by hold mercury behind glass or by polishing obsidian. Edward Kelley, and John Dee, two famed alchemists, provided a material referred to as shewstone which to be a item of polished obsidian. 

A version of scrying the you may currently be familiar with is divination through a decision ball. Think professor Trelawney from “Harry Potter.” 

Scrying has numerous uses and practices. Clairvoyant practitioners use it to call spirits in the heart world, it’s supplied by divination practitioners to view the future. That is additionally used through paranormal investigators to make contact with spirits. Some civilization use it because that invocation and also evocation rituals, or the invoking or evoking the a soul or figure. 

The material used come scry is second to the yes, really practice. The product should offer as a courage to focus the fist of the medium or practitioner. You will know you have the right level of attention since you will start to suffer a cleansing that the mind and also a remove of undesirable thoughts. The endure will finish in you being able to view visions. Part people believe that a scrying winter is much more than just a psychic tool, and is in reality a portal into the astral plane. Part mediums have even fallen right into trance-like claims while scrying. 

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There are multiple methods to scrying, all encompass candles and reflective surfaces. Image courtesy of Love and also Light School.

How to Scry

There are several approaches that can be supplied to scry effectively. 

Method One 

You will want to start by transforming out every the lights. The is best to additionally scry at night so the you can attain the ideal level that darkness possible. There need to be just one light source in the room, one of two people the moon or a candle. 

Prop your mirror at an angle that obliterates any kind of reflections. The should appear to it is in a dark window. You need to not be able to see your own reflection in the mirror. Be mindful the scrying deserve to take a lengthy time, so you will want to be together comfortable together possible. 

Once your winter is positioned correctly, close your eyes and focus top top clearing all thoughts the end of her mind. As soon as you feel cleared and also ready, open your eyes and begin to stare into the glass. You have to feel natural and also comfortable. Breath normally, and also blink as you commonly would. Relax her eyes’ focus, it need to not it is in an extreme stare. Her gaze need to be into the depth of the mirror, as if you are looking v it. 

After staring because that a while, girlfriend should an alert that the darkness of the mirror takes on a gray or misty look. As soon as this happens, color should additionally start to appear, possibly in the form of shapes, symbols, or also pictures. These can even be relocating images, or forms that take on the shape of letters or phrases. If you find yourself having actually trouble seeing the pictures or shapes, shot to imagine them appearing on the surface of the glass. Start this practice by visualizing certain geometric forms in bright, main colors. Fixate ~ above each shape for at least a minute, before moving on come the next. If visualizing, try to store your mind clean of any type of conscious thoughts, yet be conscious of any type of that execute come through. 

Most scrying practitioners execute not check out the visions, images, or forms in your actual vision, yet instead view it in their minds. 

The visions and thoughts that room coming up in your mind are the outcomes that girlfriend are in search of when you shot to scry with a black color mirror. It is possible that on your first try, you might not acquire anything of real substance, yet if you exercise this ritual several times, your mind can put together something meaningful and helpful because that you. Remember to have and also maintain a strong connection to her unconscious mental if you desire to make actual progress with scrying. 

Immediately after taking in as much as you want to take it in, create down every solitary thing you competent in a journal, including any type of random thoughts you had while practicing, even if they feel irrelevant. It is crucial to note every little thing that happened throughout the ritual. 

Method Two

The second method involves setup your winter up so the you can see your reflection. The room must again be totally dark, but collection up one candle in front of the winter so that it illuminates her face. You need to be feather straight right into the winter from a close distance so the you have the right to see a clear reflection of her face and also the candlelight. 

Stare in ~ your confront for 10-15 minutes. After around this time, probably more, you can start to watch your facial functions change. Your features may become distorted, or your face could even change into the challenge of someone else. 

Some practitioners think that the faces you see room your encounters in past or parallel lives, while others think that the faces are the faces of spirits that are situated where you are doing her scrying practice. 

With this method, it can be valuable to speak to out come the spirits. Every you need to do is speak loudly and clearly, and also encourage them come come present themselves to you. 

Whether you desire to obtain clarity on your past, take it a look right into your future, or connect with those you have actually lost or anyone in the spirit world, scrying is a an excellent activity to try. At the an extremely least, it will certainly align you v your unconscious mind, i m sorry will help you grow and also learn to know yourself better. There are so many possibilities awaiting you, acquire your mirror, spray paint, and candles, and try it out!