(A three-phase existing generator is basically a "normal" alternating current generator, in i m sorry the coils are arranged in 120° angles.

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The simple idea is to arrange the 3 coils the the relay staggered in ~ an edge of 120° on a wooden board and mount a pivoted axis in the middle where the magnets deserve to be attached v a connection piece.


To accomplish this, you need to take personal the three relays (picture below), so that in the end you only have actually 2 contacts and one coil top top every relay.



Attach this relay to among 3 pre-drilled hardwood pieces, which space equally far away indigenous the centre and also positioned in ~ an 120° angle from each other.

The wiring is relatively simple, due to the fact that you only should separate the contact correctly and weld them along with 2 various cables or attach them otherwise, and then you carry the red and also the green cables with each other separately.
Now you need to center an axis and a rotor, come which friend later attach the magnets.Pretty much anything is perfect for a rotor: wood, plastic, etc.But a steel piece functions best, because then the magnets kinds themselves instantly correctly on opposing side and also amplify their magnetic force.

Finally, attach the bowl magnets.Two magnets should be enclosed to each side that the rotor.You could additionally build an axis v 4 strands and also attach a magnet come every side.This method the motor would have to rotate only half a fast.At the time I was lacking the suitable parts for the though :-(.
You constantly have to inspect the distances, since if the spacing in between the magnets and coils is not right, it have the right to lead come an rarely often, rarely output present (output voltage) and also you won"t accomplish a solitary rotation.
Also, you need to keep the distance between the coils and the magnets as tiny as possible to induce a high voltage.
Each coil it is intended its own voltage (one phase).Since there room 3 coils that receive a voltage induction at different times, these voltages or phases overlap, so in the finish you"ll acquire a much more or less consistent voltage.
The much faster you journey the generator, the much less the voltage will certainly pulsate (meaning the frequency, through which the phases of the coils alternating increases so lot that it is no much longer visible to the naked eye).The user (here the irradiate bulb) doesn"t have enough time come glow out before the voltage starts anew.
In the lift is the strength supply unit that delivers the important electricity and also in former is the user (light bulb).After a few seconds the light pear starts glowing.
Maybe a couple of viewers will notification that in ~ 10-11 volt the entirety table starts shaking.The reason: at this voltage the generator rotates specifically at the herbal frequency of the table.
Of course, the generator is not an especially effective ;-) that should become clear after the video, due to the fact that the applied energy is around 23 volt and 3 ampere and the power that is "generated" doesn"t even suffice for a tiny light pear (I think it works currently at about 1,5 volt :D)
You have the right to improve the three-phase present generator by using an ext and more powerful magnets and coils, definition you run it ~ above a cool scale.

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To enhance the generator girlfriend should minimize its diameter: The rotor need to be a little much shorter than displayed.Also, the rotor magnets must be also closer come the coils.Then, rather of pulsating, the result voltage would show the form of a continuous sinus curve.