Use this cheats and also tips to learn exactly how to level up fast on Movie Star Planet. The main point of this game is to level increase fast and to gain as many friends as you deserve to so you can be the most renowned movie star top top the game.

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With our helpful tips you will have the ability to reach the next level much faster then you would by yourself. If you want to level up rapid on Movie Star earth then take a watch at every the tips and also cheats us have detailed you below. Girlfriend won’t it is in disappointed!

 How to Level Up rapid on Movie Star Planet

Below space some good ideas and also tips the you deserve to use come level up fast on Movie Star Planet. Enjoy!

The an initial thing you have the right to do is make brief movies. Not just do you level up yet you can also earn fame and star coins. Star coins are an extremely popular in this game so its necessary to collection as countless as you can.To make a movie, go to the Movietown uncovered on her map. Then click movies and also click + movie. Next, click on every one of your friend and add 6 of them to her scene. If you room a VIP you can add up come 8 girlfriend to sign up with the movie.

The movie should ideally have at the very least 5 scenes so friend will need to move the characters approximately in different places because that each scene. When you make your movie, don’t simply put one personality in it and also don’t include any speech because you will certainly earn a lot much less fame.

Participate in games and quizzes. The much more game and quizzes you complete the much more you will certainly level up. The a an excellent idea come play the quizzes a lot therefore you have the right to start memorizing the answers. This will permit you come score far better in the future which results in her leveling increase easier.

Another idea is to ask civilization for autographs. It’s no as simple as the sounds, so if world say no to you then you can want to make a couple different account on Movie Star Planet and just provide yourself autographs.


Do you enjoy art? If therefore then producing art books may be the method to walk for leveling up rapid on Movie Star Planet. Shot to create an art book for something that is motivation to rather on the game. If you create 20 loves you will obtain 1 eye, 40 loves equates to 2 eyes and so on.

Are you the finest looking avatar top top the game? If not, spend some time on her avatar and make that or her look really good. Then ask human being to love her looks! This yes, really helps if you can get a many of people to choose your avatar look.

The last guideline we want to share through you is to produce a bunch of account on Movie Star Planet and watch all the movies on all accounts to boost the variety of views and also likes. We don’t introduce this strategy but if you want to execute it then that is to protect against you.

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If friend have any other cheats or advice on exactly how to level up quick on Movie Star planet then we invite you to leave a comment in the comment box below. We will then look at at your tips and include them come the web page to re-superstructure with all of our visitors.