Snapchat is no various than most social platforms as soon as it come to including friends. You can search for various other users v the “Add friends” option, and add them making use of their contact information, user name, or various other methods. The friends’ list is an easy and basic to navigate. However, the app makes it a bit challenging to view all the individuals who have included you.

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If you see an added Me section over the Quick include option, it way that you have actually pending friend requests.

A Snapchat user deserve to also include you via your Snapcode. This is the dotted pattern on a yellow background that each user has actually behind their profile picture. Various other users may scan this Snapcode and add you to their friend list. If you’ve shared your Snapcode online, yes sir a possibility that that’s just how the other user uncovered you.

People deserve to also include you from your contacts. If they have actually your phone call or email number indigenous before, Snapchat may immediately give them suggestions to include you. These individuals will have ‘Added by phone’ written under their profile information.

Lastly, you may discover ‘Added you by rapid Add’ under some pending users. The Quick add is a special ar in the add Friends menu that says profiles friend may understand or like. They space usually friend of her friends, human being that you have friended on various other social networks, etc.

Seeing Who included You Back

When a Snapchat user adds you back, a notice will show up in the ‘Add Friends’ menu, under the Pending section. However this isn’t constantly the case.

If you included a friend yet you’re not sure if they included you back, you can check it by using some unconventional methods. These measures are different depending on your device.


If you usage Snapchat on her iPhone, you have the right to see who added you earlier by checking the contact information window. Follow these steps:

Open Snapchat.Tap the Chat(speech bubble) symbol on the bottom-left edge of the screen.
Look because that the friend the you desire to investigate.Press and also hold the name of this friend for a few seconds. A new window should pop up v their information.


To find out if someone added you back on one Android, you need to be direct and also send a snap. If you fine through that, follow this instructions:

Take a snap by tapping the white one on the app. Due to the fact that you’ll send this snap to another user, friend should try to make it appropriate, or girlfriend can always cover the camera lens and snap a blank photo.Select the user the you’re curious about.Refresh the display screen by dragging your finger down and also releasing it. This will display screen the many recent results.

Keep in mind that you can’t take it the snap back once you send it. If you want to save it subtle, you need to avoid this method.

Keep monitor of who Adds You

When you save track of that adds you in the ‘Add Friends’ section, you may also receive an useful information about how public her profile is.

If plenty of users included you via Snapcode, it might mean the someone has shared it publicly on the internet. Girlfriend can also keep track of who has actually your call information, and also who searches her username.

Frequently asked Questions

What can someone see if they include me?

I can’t watch my friends’ Snapscore anymore. What does the mean?

More often than not, the inability to watch someone’s Snap score way they’re no longer your friend on the app. This might be a glitch and you need to update the Snapchat application or examine your internet connection.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWe have an article around u003ca href=u0022 Scores hereu003c/au003e, yet the numeric icon under the profile picture of a Snapchat user only shows if both human being have added each other.

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How carry out I remove someone if they included me?

Did you ever before have suspiciously users add you via your call information or Snapcode? What did girlfriend do? call us about it in the comment below.