I’m certain that this tutorial is walking to it is in an interesting one for you. This time, I’ve consisted of two Google Doc Spreadsheet text features that concerned Roman Numbers. They space ROMAN and also ARABIC. You have the right to learn in this tutorial, exactly how to use Roman numbers in Google Sheets. Also, ns am comment your complying with queries regarded Roman number is numbered in Google Sheets.

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1. Auto-generate roman inn Numerals together Serial Numbers.

2. Just how to convert any kind of number indigenous 1 come 3999 into Roman numbers?

3. Find Roman numerals of any Number indigenous 1 to 3999.

4. Just how to transform Roman Number come Arabic Number?

To answer all the above questions first I should introduce to you the over said two text functions. Let’s begin with how to usage Roman number in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets ROMAN function – Syntax and also Examples

In the complying with syntax, the argument “rule_relaxation” is optional. With dominion relaxation, you can shorten the numbering to some degree by applying relaxation to classic syntax rules. Girlfriend can use 0 come 4 number as dominion relaxation and also 0 is the default rule.

You deserve to refer come this resource for much more info around rule_relaxation. I think you can generally skip this dominance relaxation. In the over examples, you can just walk ahead v the formula in red color.

Before going come learn much more about the roman inn function, you should find out one an ext function concerned it and also that’s ARABIC. How to use Arabic function in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets ARABIC duty – Syntax and also Example

In Google Sheets, you deserve to use the ARABIC duty to compute the value of roman numerals from 1 come 3999.




You have the right to see that there room Roman number in cabinet B3, C3, D3, E3, and also F3. Every these roman numbers are indistinguishable to 299.

The roman numerals are different in these cells because of the different rule relaxations applied. If you refer to any of this cells in the Arabic formula, it would return the value 299.

How to usage ROMAN number in Google Sheets

Now time to go to part practical instances of the usage of ROMAN and ARABIC functions.

1. Auto-generate roman Numerals together Serial Numbers

Here I’m going to carry out you a custom formula the you have the right to use come generate roman numbers together serial number in Google Sheets.

You can put this formula in any type of cell and also in any kind of column. From the cell, the formula would put serial number down as much as the number XX (20).

If you wish you can extend the numbering by just an altering the referral in the formula.


Formula Explanation:

I’ve gone into this formula in cell A2 in my sheet. The auto-generates the roman inn numbers together serial numbers from i to XX (1 come 20) in my paper in the range A2: A21. You have the right to copy this formula and paste the in any type of cell in any column.

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Suppose you desire to generate the auto roman inn serial number is numbered from cell G5, paste the above formula and modify it together below.


This formula is to put serial number from i to XX. Readjust the number G21 to G31 to obtain roman serial numbers from ns to XXX (1 come 30).

Other than the role ROMAN, below I’ve only offered ROW and ArrayFormula and it’s a perfect example of how to use Roman number in Google Sheets.

2. Exactly how to convert any number native 1 to 3999 to roman inn numbers?

I’ve already explained this in the ROMAN role syntax component above. You have the right to convert any type of number from 1 come 3999 to roman number utilizing the roman function. Again, because that those who may be skipped the above syntax part, below is one example.



3. Discover Roman numerals of any type of Number indigenous 1 to 3999

The above point number 2 is the answer come this question too. You can just use the ROMAN duty to find Roman number of any number indigenous 1 come 3999.

4. How to transform Roman Number come Arabic Number?

You have the right to use the ARABIC function to convert any ROMAN number earlier to Arabic Number. However if you form the formula together below, that won’t work.


Instead, the formula would certainly be as below.


The roman inn numeral should be fastened by twin quotes as with text.

How to use Roman numerals in Arithmetic to work in Google Sheets

The over two functions, ROMAN and also ARABIC, room Google Sheets text form functions. The Roman role returns the roman numerals in message format.

If you desire to usage it in calculations girlfriend should convert it ago to the number. Below is one instance that shows how to usage Roman numbers in calculations in Google Sheets.


The above is variety formula (keyed in cell D4) that including both ROMAN and ARABIC functions.

In tower A you deserve to see the name of couple of students’ keyed in, and also then their class and department in obelisk B and C respectively.

It’s the condition for the year 2017. Currently the year is 2018. All the college student are advocated to next level.

In shaft D, I simply want come automate the calculation. I simply want to add 1 to the class. For example, the student “Leslie” (cell A4) is in course “IV” (cell B4). I want to include 1 to it and put class “V” in cabinet D4.

The listed below is the formula the I’ve used to cabinet D4 because that this purpose.


If it’s not an array formula, it would certainly be favor this.


That means an initial you convert the roman number in cabinet B4 come Arabic, then add 1 to it and again convert it back to Roman.

How to use Roman number in reasonable Tests in Google Sheets

Hope you have actually learned just how to use Roman numbers in Google Sheets. In the above example, I’ve comprehensive how to use it in arithmetical operations. In logical test likewise you have the right to use roman inn numbers.

Here is one example. You re welcome refer the over screenshot to know the formula references.

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=if(B4="IV","In course 4")

Result: In course 4

That means you can use roman inn numbers as message in a logical test. However it’s dynamic small bit. View this variant.

=if(B4="IV","In course "&arabic(B4))

Result: In class 4


ROMAN and ARABIC attributes are much more powerful as soon as you usage it together. So discover the above examples carefully. That’s all. Enjoy!