For years, players have actually used a manuscript to "unlock" the best camera distance in game. In Legion, the maximum distance will now be limited to nearly half as far.

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Let"s begin this turn off by looking at the blue short article from Watcher over on the forums. 

Watcher top top Camera Distance

This is among this transforms that we realize will certainly be intensely unpopular through the team of football player that has actually used console/WTF CVars to rise camera zoom past what the UI slider permits. For anyone else, they more than likely won"t see what the large deal is, because it"s removing a covert option that many never used. However for those who room accustomed to an enhanced max zoom, it"s transforming the method you"re suffering the video game in a means that feel restrictive and simply worse. Therefore why would certainly we carry out that?

In a broad range of gaming category (from RTS to action RPG), being able come zoom out and see more of the world about you gives an objective advantage in the kind of information. As result of that compete advantage, camera-unlocking or raised zoom distance are features typically found in third-party hacks for a variety of games. Everything the best allowed, that"s what competitive players will usage in order come maximize performance, also at the cost of the game"s overall look and also feel. 

We strongly believe that there needs to be same in this area in between players who space using the default UI and those who have actually addons or knowledge of hidden console variables. One alternative was absolutely to just allow the in-game slider to walk all the method up to the CVar hardcap. However that scale is beyond the one approximately which the game was designed at its core. The breakthrough team build the world, that art, that is combat mechanics, and other interactions, approximately the base UI experience and scale. At the 3.4-CVar zoom level, your heroic Warcraft avatar bring away up about as lot screen-space as among the dozens that marines girlfriend might manage in a video game of Starcraft.

Basically every one of us started out playing WoW at the UI-enabled zoom level, and fell in love with that world enough that we now discover ourselves here posting top top an expansion beta forum discussing its future. At some point, we witnessed a raid video and wondered how they might see so much of the ar at once, or we witnessed a forum write-up or acquired a advantageous tip from an additional player, and learned that if you typed "/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4" you might zoom out way more, and we never looked back. Yet was that original experience bad, or have actually we just grown accustomed come something different?

There may likewise be a bit of hyperbole in the discussion approximately the change. This is a screenshot I simply took v the max UI-selectable zoom setups in the existing Legion build:

I"m not sure it"s fair to say that this level of zoom entails your character dominating the screen, or removes all awareness of adjacent threats.

Finally, why go this occur suddenly now, so late in the beta cycle, watch without any communication? Honestly, the will was because that the change to have remained in place from early on alpha onwards. I think that what taken place was that among the CVars (CameraDistanceMaxFactor?) was clamped from the start, yet a 2nd CVar (CameraDistanceMax?) to be overlooked. That concern was entered and tracked together a bug, and also was simply fixed recently. Together a development team, in ~ this suggest we"re resolving up to 2000 Legion bugs a week, and also it"s not always obvious i m sorry player-facing build will contain a specific one of those fixes. This plainly wasn"t something we ever before imagined can just be brushed up under the carpet.


We deserve to very clearly see where the advancement team"s thinking lies, yet is it really being considered in the paper definition of the gameplay itself?

The screenshot provided by Watcher is a simple shot, through nobody around him and also in an empty zone. If we take into consideration this readjust in regards come raiding, that paints a slightly different picture. Take Archimonde as an example; the boss is huge, he has mechanics that occur 50+ yards far from the melee, you have actually to discover your personality in the middle of every the other melee, hunter pets and mechanics, and also still emphasis on the boss. I recognize that the developer want united state to experience the art as it was intended, but staring in ~ Archimonde"s hooves while your character join a mosh pit underneath him isn"t specifically a confident experience, at the very least in mine opinion.

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It"s likewise important to keep in mind that this will severely hinder the ar of see of, because that example, a raid leader that plays a melee or tank. If a ranged/healer deserve to still obtain a great view that the fight in prior of them, the melee/tanks will certainly be can not to see lot of what is happening in former of them or behind the boss.

Was this the right change? need to the best distance have just been added to the default UI and permitted every player to usage it?