You’ve newly felt the your companion hasn’t been dealing with you favor you worthy to be treated. The honeymoon phase is abruptly over, and also he choose to focus on his education, work, friends, and family an ext than he focuses on you. 

Maybe he’s to be ignoring you, offering you the cold shoulder, or not spending any time with you in ~ all. You’ve chose that need to number out how to overlook your partner to make him establish what he is missing and come teach the a lesson.

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You don’t desire to rest up, and truth it is in told, you’re head end heels in love v him. However, he needs to realize the he has to change his behavior and give you the time and affection friend deserve. 

He’s making friend doubt the he’s “the one,” and you want to avoid feeling this way. After ~ all, you deserve to it is in respected and also treated through dignity – no as an afterthought. And no matter exactly how much friend love him, you nothing deserve to be treated prefer trash. 

Table that Contents

Step 1: Realign your Priorities 


If you attempting come teach your companion a lesson by skip him, friend should very first realign your priorities. If you’ve always put the first, now is the minute to change that. That time to teach the what it’s favor to contend for her attention.

Here’s exactly how you start: rather than abandoning everything to be with him, tell that you’re busy. Permit him to miss your firm for a while because that’s the only way he’ll understand exactly how his life would be without you.

The very first time you decrease his invitation, it will feel prefer the most complicated thing you have ever done. However you need to keep remind yourself the this is the only method he’ll check out how an useful you are.

Step 2: perform Not take it the initiative to talk to Him


If you think your boyfriend takes you for granted, you must quit being the one who constantly calls or texts first.

Make your guy call you first. Enable him come take part initiative. If you really desire to speak to him but know that you shouldn’t, climate distract yourself – go for a stroll or speak to your ideal friend instead. It is in busy through something rather so you don’t feel compelled to call or message your guy. 

If your boyfriend doesn’t take it the hint, the okay. Don’t cave in and also text him, no matter how much you want to. 

Step 3: collection Clear boundaries for Yourself


One essential thing you will discover from this case is the importance of self-esteem and setting limits at an early stage in a relationship. If you were scared to offend him through voicing her expectations unequivocally, this is your moment to placed things right. 

You most likely noticed exactly how he is half-assing the relationship yet did not feel you had actually the government to contact him out on it, which make his actions worse and worse. Your deliberate ignorance let him exploit your weakness and allowed him to never take obligation for anything. 

So, from currently on, take responsibility for your behavior and also make it clean to him what girlfriend want and also need indigenous the relationship. Be curt and also assertive so the he respects your choices. If the senses her uncertainty, he will keep mistreating you. 

Step 4: prevent Responding to any kind of Communication Initiated by Him


If friend feel like your boyfriend is trying to patch points up yet isn’t saying the points you want, then it’s time to neglect him a bit further and also not permit his unimpressive texts persuade you. 

Use the “silent treatment” as a weapon to reclaim power. Leave him guessing those going on in her head for a while there is no offering any explanation. 

Silence is priceless. If words have failed come make your boyfriend know what you desire from him, it’s essential to put some emotionally distance in between you two and also disregard him until he realizes his error and also learns come treat you v respect.

Step 5: neglect His call Calls and also Texts


The an initial step to effectively ignoring her boyfriend is learning exactly how to keep your partner in the dark. If the is accustomed to discovering what girlfriend do and wherever friend go, the will shed his curiosity. He will take a work or 2 to return your calls and ignore friend or speak to his friends instead. 

You have to reignite his attention in girlfriend by doing something drastic. To show your lack of interest, have actually boring, one-word texts with him. Providing him a taste of his own medicine could set him off and make him establish his error.

Step 6: If You need to See that Every Day, Don’t do Eye Contact


Avoid make eye contact with your boyfriend as soon as he meets you in person and also asks around your day. Looking the in the eyes might drive friend to offer in, and also you will certainly no longer be able to ignore him.

If you want him to feel bad about ignoring you, you’ll need to hold firm till he to know you won’t put up with his hot and cold behavior anymore. Make an initiative to it is in less specialized to her boyfriend. You must display him exactly how happy you can be, with or without him. 

What go a man think once you overlook him? Remember the he is simply as depressed as you are, yet doesn’t to speak so. If you revolve your back on him, hell probably notice how you felt when he did the to you. 

Step 7: be Assertive 


Take manage over what you say and how you say it. Girlfriend don’t have to be rude to do sense and also be clear around your objectives. Good foundations are essential for strong partnerships, and also that has excellent communication with her partner. 

He may have actually misinterpreted you and also found a means to get away v his lackluster mindset by misconstruing every little thing you said. Do a distinct plan of action that reminds him of that you are and what you’re qualified of. 

Step 8: Pay fist to your Physical Appearance


While we’d like to think that real love is blind, the principle doesn’t work for everyone. The means you existing yourself or your aura substantially impacts just how others view you and construct their picture of you. 

If you think that boosting your appearance would certainly make you an ext attractive to others, or if her boyfriend has been whining and comparing girlfriend to other women, that time to gain to work-related on that warm revenge bod. 

Change your clothing or acquire a makeover. It will certainly undoubtedly provide you a foot up on your partner, and he’ll come running back to you like a lost puppy. 

Step 9: Live your Life the end Loud 


We all understand we should never placed our personal life on organize just because we’re in a relationship, however it wake up from time to time, and also we all unknowingly do it. You dedicate all your time and also attention to your relationship, forgetting about the civilization who supported you before this person that you now want come ignore. 

Now that you’ve determined to overlook your boyfriend, feel free to change how you live her life. That also an excellent way to ignore your companion for a while to teach that a lesson.

Live her life the end loud and also let her boyfriend know how much you’re enjoying yourself when he’s not around. Invite her bestie out and also go dancing instead of wasting her days waiting to patch things up through him. Have actually a wonderful time partying and reminiscing about the good old days.

Step 10: begin Flirting With various other People


Sometimes, one effective method of reflecting your value to your companion is by making the envious that other civilization who room interested in you. 

He may devalue girlfriend so lot that he doesn’t notification or cherish your love and devotion. You deserve to teach that a class by becoming closer to who else and also dedicating a far-ranging amount the time to them. 

He might as well understand what he is going to shed if he discovers you absent or unreachable. Also, talk around and exuberantly worship this brand-new relationship. Understanding that he has some far-ranging competition in the neighborhood could drive him insane – and also bring him closer to you.

Step 11: take it Sex off the Table


Deny the sex and intimacy to show your appointment to your position. It i will not ~ make feeling if girlfriend still had sex through him and also went on not talking come him. For a guy like him, that would certainly be the best situation. 

The much more you refuse him sex, the much more contempt you deserve to express.

If he’s been utilizing you generally for sex, he will certainly undoubtedly shot to connect you in some act by whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Know that that a trap and that saying a for sure “no” is a clear authorize of your indifference. 

If that does not desire your soul, he cannot have actually your body.

Step 12: take it a Break


When it involves long-term partnerships, it’s common to see the spark fade as soon once the honeymoon period is over. Men are drawn to women who deserve to keep the attraction going. 

Monotony and also repetition can lead come boredom and, together a result, gift taken for granted or undervalued in relationships. 

When she on a break, overlook his calls and messages. Don’t use social media to tag him or to send him messages. 

Taking a break from virtual networks is terrific idea. This could pique his interest, and also he might wonder wherein you are and also what has actually suddenly make you lose interest. And, if the partnership still has actually promise, he’ll an alert the void you’ve left in his life.

Step 13: spend Time With world Who Love you Unconditionally


Instead of emotion lonely in ~ home, spend time through your pets, friends, and family. This passive-aggressive case will make you anxious and also unhappy, and if girlfriend don’t divert your attention by spending time v loved ones, you’ll constantly it is in checking your phone to check out if he’s responded (which is precisely what you’ve been trying to avoid). 

Constantly check on her boyfriend will exacerbate your mood and also make it daunting for you come cope v the situation calmly. When whatever else fails, contact your bestie, tell her what’s up, and also then leaving the rest to her. 

She’ll make sure you’re distracted from her worries. Take it a brief getaway or have a girls’ night out. Going on fun expeditions roughly the city will distract girlfriend from the problem for a while.

Does Ignoring your Boyfriend Work?


Call it the cold shoulder, the silent treatment, or ghosting. Ignoring her boyfriend is the pinnacle of passive-aggressive habits and plainly indicates the you’re mad at someone. 

Being ignored or neglected by who who typically dotes on girlfriend is a stomach-churning experience. You may feel awful and neglected as soon as your friend starts acting prefer you don’t exist anymore, and also the obvious remedy because that this may be ignoring your boyfriend.

But does it really work?

When you ignore your boyfriend, that will miss you and also want to tell friend all around his day, the small victories and joys. He’ll especially miss your agency when the has had actually a an especially bad day. 

However, you simply won’t be obtainable or digital – or in the mood to respond to his texts. Every his messages will certainly either it is in left top top “seen” or not even that. He’ll come to be frustrated and also won’t know why you have suddenly turned for this reason cold.

The classic silent treatment, also known together stonewalling, happens when a human being refuses to interact with you by decreasing to speak come you or acknowledging her presence. 

In contrast, ghosting occurs as soon as a companion eliminates themselves from her life by keeping you native contacting castle on every social networking sites and messaging applications, successfully closing all channels of communication and also leaving you unable to contact them.

Ignoring a male is only reliable if the male wants you. You have the right to put in a lot of initiative into ignoring somebody that doesn’t desire to be with you however end up acquiring a huge fat nothing. So, before taking increase arms against your boyfriend, uncover out if they actually appreciate you or not. 


If you give your friend the silent treatment to teach him a lesson, there’s a an excellent chance hell take activity and change his behavior.

It hurts him to establish how quickly the person he loves have the right to change. This hurt will compel him to speak with you and also drive the to investigate the behavior change. Together a result, this shift in your partnership dynamic will motivate that to take action.

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He’ll do every little thing it takes to enhance things as soon as he realizes he is the source of the problem and give friend a billion reasons to remain with him and give him one more chance.