Whether you’re expert in the tools of Google Slides or are simply beginning, knowing how to group and also ungroup aspects within her slides can advantage you in a couple of ways.

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If girlfriend know how to team google slides, you deserve to make more edits, such as filling with shade or adding a filter, to many facets of her slide. You deserve to make these miscellaneous edits without having actually to carry out the exact same thing repetitively to every element. This an approach will mitigate your time invested revising and also modeling the design of her presentation.

Have you been in search of a way to make the group Google Slides project circulation better? carry out you require to get those presentations for work-related done in a cinch? group elements, and also ungrouping together required, is a ability to have.

Grouping your Elements

First, prior to you begin grouping your aspects in her slides, girlfriend must understand two things: the just two elements you can group are images and shapes, and also these elements grouped need to be on the exact same slide. Friend cannot group a text box through a shape or image, and also you’re also unable to group any kind of elements existing on various slides.

Select the elements you great to group. You can do this step one of two ways:Click and drag elements to select much more than oneClick the individual elements as you host the “shift” key

Use food selection to group elements in Google slides

You can additionally click Ctrl-Alt-G (which defines beside the alternative “Group” under “Arrange”) for home windows or Cmd-Alt-G for Mac.Or, for a fast two-click process, you have the right to Right-Click the selected elements and then click the “Group” option. 

Use menu to ungroup elements in Google slides

You can also click Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G (which is additionally displayed beside the “Ungroup” option under the “Arrange” tool).Another means to carry out this would be come right-click the grouped aspects you great to ungroup and also select “Ungroup.” 

Mouse food selection with group elements Google slides

Tool in the Belt

Easy sufficient Google Slides skill to mimic, right? in spite of its simplistic nature, this ability can help your work-related assignments or Google Slides team projects obtain completed and also look good when every is said and done, in far less time 보다 it take it you to change each aspect one at a time.

Though a helpful resource, this tool is straightforward enough that as soon as you understand it, it’s easy to duplicate as numerous times as you need it. If you’re the forgetful type, girlfriend can always come back to this tutorial to refresh her memory.

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