The default setting of navigating on LG Stylo 6 is utilizing Gestures. The navigating bar with house touch buttons is lacking on Stylo 6. It’s quite an overwhelming to control without the home, earlier & outline buttons.

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The gestures have the right to be learned, yet it gets fairly annoying when there is no back button on some screens. The an excellent thing is we deserve to quite quickly get back the old navigating bar through the home, back, and also recent apps buttons. Let’s see how to perform that –

LG Stylo Home, earlier & recent Apps switch – navigating Bar


To get earlier the navigation bar ~ above Stylo 6 –

Open the settings app and select “Display”.


Choose the third option on the screen page i.e. “Navigation bar”.

The current navigation layout is “Gestures”. Readjust it come “Buttons only” as displayed above.


We have got back our beloved home touch buttons.

We have the right to rearrange the order of this buttons and add 2 an ext buttons come the navigation bar. Let’s see exactly how to execute that –

LG Stylo 6 house Touch Buttons


Tap “Button combination” top top the navigation bar page.

The upper fifty percent of the Button mix page can be offered to modify residence touch switch settings.

The 2 additional home touch buttons room “Navigation” & “Screenshot”.


Let’s add the screenshot faster way to the navigation bar. Traction the icon and place that on the navigating panel bar as displayed above.

Capture any kind of screen with a single-click top top this screenshot shortcut.

I’ve clicked a screenshot. The screenshot preview is visible at the bottom-right corner.

Now, let’s add the “navigation” residence touch button.

The navigating shortcut have the right to be supplied to traction down/up the navigating panel there is no swiping the screen.

We have the right to also adjust the order of the home touch buttons.

If you’re using your Stylo 6 with the right-hand the back button on the left feels much more convenient.

Hold & drag the back button come the appropriate to adjust its position. You can refer to the above screenshot.

LG Stylo 6 Gestures mode – Home, ago & recent Apps Button


While in the gestures mode, we need to swipe up the display to with the house screen.

No matter, top top which page you are, swipe approximately reach the residence screen.


In the gesture mode, over there is no ago button.

You’ll uncover the back option ~ above the top-left corner of a page as displayed above.

How to Close Apps on LG Stylo 6 / how to view recent apps – open up Tabs

We usage the square switch to see the running/recent apps switch on Stylo 6.

While using the gestures mode, the recent apps have the right to be regarded by swiping the display from the bottom come the middle and also holding the screen.

The running apps are visible in the kind of tiles.

Throw and app tile in the increase direction to close an app.

To do it easier, you can readjust the navigation format to “Buttons only”.

Go to setups > display screen > navigating bar

Change the navigation style from “Gestures” to “Buttons only”.

Now, we have the square recent apps/overview button.

Tap the to check out the running apps.

Swipe left to view all the open apps.

Throw an application tile in the upward direction come close this corresponding app.

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Which navigation style do you favor on her Stylo 6, through or without the navigation bar? Share your views in the comment ar below.

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